Review: KKCenterHk's ES Honey Butterfly Rose Paper Eyelashes [ES-Paper-14]

Hola Beauties!
Last month I reviewed ES-A503 eyelashes that was kindly sent by KkCenterHk (Review here) and I also received this paper eyelashes for review purposes. For all of you who are not familiar with KkCenterHk, I suggest you to check out their site here coz they provide a large selection of beauty products such as false eyelashes, wig, nail arts products, eye makeup products, etc. 

So... This time, let me share my experience of using this gorgeous and quirky paper eyelashes, ES Paper 14. To be honest, these are the first paper eyelashes I've ever tried and I was very excited to see how they'd come out. If you're wondering why I chose this lashes, that because I always love to try something unique and extravagant design of false eyelashes and this one is no exception. Mine is ES Honey Butterfly Rose Paper Eyelashes, and they were made of purely paper. They also come in small transparent plastic box and each box contains 1 pair.

The charming rose let the little butterflies want to come close to them. Let your eyes become charming and attract others. This special eyelash can make your eyes more charming, let you become the focus.

Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
One Pair In Box
100% Authentic
Main Materials : Paper

*If you want to re-use, please be careful when you use this eyelash*

I've wanted to try paper lashes for so long and thanks to KkCenterHk that completely made my day. I guess any paper lashes are still not available in my country since they have somewhat unusual designs/materials and kinda expensive.

This paper eyelashes are completely different from the false eyelashes that we wear everyday. Not only they were made of paper, but also the designs are very unique and outstanding. But, this paper eyelashes is not recommended for those not accustomed to using false eyelashes coz the material (read: paper) tend to be fragile and easily torn. 

Honestly, it's been months since I hardly wear my first false eyelashes. But, I find it harder putting paper lashes than ordinary false eyelashes coz they were made of frangible materials. And yeah...Actually, it's not that difficult to apply, all you need is just 'a little bit' of patience. lol.

These paper lashes would perfect be used in special occasion like theme parties, carnaval, halloween parties, prom, or perfect for romantic dinner look, gyaru/cosplay look, and even a new year's eve makeup look. They also fun and wearable for photoshoots. Last month, I actually planned to wear this lashes on my photoshoot. But, I've got no idea how to create the makeup look using this intricate paper lashes. Please excuse my poor skill. :P

Some bloggers recommend to trim the paper lashes into half its length or your desired length due to its full length. But I prefer to choose the full length  so they will look more dramatic. Hehe.

And here's my eye look wearing the lashes...
Can you see the gorgeous rose flowers in my eyes? LOL

Tips.I wouldn't recommend using an eyelash curler, but instead use your fingers to push them up so that they look more slender and avoid tearing.

LAST PIC... :)

- Perfect for theme parties, fashion, new year's eve makeup look, and cosplay/gyaru look.
- The design is really unique and gorgeous
- The lashes come cased in a beautiful box  
- Definitely worth a try

- Since they were made of paper, the lashes are really fragile so I should take them out of the box carefully or they will easily torn.

- Removing lashes must be done very carefully.
- Very difficult to bend and follow my eye line
- Not recommended for those not accustomed to using false lashes 
- Glue is not included

Yeah, If you love to try unusual false eyelashes designs and create a fabolous eye makeup looks.

2.5 / 5

You can buy this lashes on here

I absolutely love the design and they really make my eyes become charming, but such a pity I don't know where to use them. Maybe, I will keep them for a special party or when I get in the mood to create an enchanted makeup look. :D But overall, they are totally worth a try!

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  1. i've always been intrigues by these paper lashes, don't think it's for me but it looks pretty enchanting on your eyes!

  2. oh myy,,this paper lashes is so pretty <3 you looks really lovely too!

  3. SUch an original eye lashes
    I find it super cute!

  4. you look gorgeous with these paper lashes! lovely review, thank you for sharing!!!♡

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  5. Nice way to decorate eyelids. I have never seen such a way to look beautiful. Really this is interesting and amazing too. Packaging Materials