3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #Zorro Review

Hey pretties!
My blog just reached 200K ++ pageviews 2 days ago and suree I'm really happy! I'll always improve my blog so everyone who reading my blog will enjoy more. ^^ So lately I become obsessed with 3CE product, I really want to try all 3CE products especially their lipstick collection n the face products that mostly makes your face look radiant and glowing. But this time, just let me show you one of their products, 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #Zorro.
This product has 8 pearlescent colors and 1 non-pearlescent, I chose no #2 Zorro, the pearlescent black. The name quite unique right? :P
If you've tried some 3CE products, you must be familiar with the black packaging, and yeah...this eyeliner also come in black long box packaging. The product informations is included too in the box but mostly in Korean. :P
The eyeliner inside has the same length with the box and I think the size is quite long.

It looks like an eyebrow pencil with a long black cap.
This also include a built-in sharpener that easily sharpen the eyeliner tip every time it becomes flat or round. Just release the sharpener and put the eyeliner tip on it, then carefully sharpen it.

If compared to liquid eyeliner, I must admit that I prefer it than this pencil-type eyeliner because the eyeliner tip is bigger and quite dull so a little bit hard to create a precise line. One thing that make me curious is the color, this is not a matte black color but a glitter black color! This is very recommended if you're bored with your plain black eyeliner and need some glitters instantly. lol.
The eyeliner has a texture like the crayon pencil, it's creamy and very pigmented. When you first apply it, the color still doesn't come out, it becomes bold and vivid after the second swatch.

After let it dry about 1-2 minutes, then I tried to rub it hardly. I think this product works as it claims coz the color only fade a little just after I hardly rubbed it for a few times.

Yes, it's water resistant! Don't compare this picture below to swatch picture's above coz I made a new swatch again and put it under running water about 2-3 minutes. The color still didn't change as if I swatch it before. Then I tried to rub it and yeah, this is exactly what happened... the eyeliner has no defense to water and rubbing 'attack' at once. But it's no a problem, just remember not to rub it if you under the rain. lol.

I was wrong when I thought this would glide on my eyes easily because in fact I need to draw 6-7 times to achieve this eye liner look. This absolutely not as easy as I applied it on my hand, I found this eyeliner is quite hard to apply on my eyes and the color is very subtle.

- Waterproof & also smudgeproof! ^^
- Shimmer black color
- Creamy texture & very pigmented
- Include sharpener
- Easily removed with makeup remover
- Long lasting
- Natural look result
- Suitable for everyday makeup

- Quite hard when applied on my eyelids 
- Not quick drying (need to wait 1-2mins)
- The eyeliner tip easily become flat or dull


Rating: 3.5 / 5
I just realized that liquid eyeliner still better for me since it always gives the result I want. I should forget all pencil-type eyeliners because they just wasn't made for me. Maybe I always prefer natural makeup but liquid eyeliner is still my favourite coz it's a lot easier to use, I could draw more precisely with intense color result. But I do recommend this eyeliner if you love natural makeup and you prefer the smooth n soft eye liner result. For me, I'll use it occasionally coz it's such a waste if I didn't use it at all right? ;)


DALI Extra Size Blue Circle Lenses Review [KLENSPOP]

Hey Dolls! 
It's been a long time since I reviewed my last circle lenses and now I'm back with another circle lenses product that was kindly sponsored by KLENSPOP, it's DALI Extra Size - Blue. Honestly, I received this circle lenses about a few months ago and I felt soo bad coz I just reviewed now because of some reasons. >.< But I already used these for several times and I really love it! So, please keep reading if you're curious too! ^^


  • Brand: NEO VISION
  • Diameter: 14.0mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 year (Max)
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
  • - See more at: http://klenspop.com/en/blue/33-dali-extra-size-blue.html#sthash.wZQEQu6K.dpuf
     Brand: NEO Vision
    Diameter: 14.00mm
    Graphic Diameter: 13.60mm
    Water Content: 38%
    Base Curve: 8.6mm
    Life Span: 1 Year (Max)
    Country of Origin: South Korea
    Price: $19.00 (include bonus case)

  • Brand: NEO VISION
  • Diameter: 14.0mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 year (Max)
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
  • - See more at: http://klenspop.com/en/blue/33-dali-extra-size-blue.html#sthash.wZQEQu6K.dpuf

    The lenses also come with a lovely lens case and contact lenses solution (15ml). Can you see the 'not-just-ordinary' lens case? It also has mirror inside, so I think it would help a lot to use circle lens everywhere when there's no mirror nearby. ^^ The lens solution is very helpful too because it's travel friendly n trust me it lasts for a few months.

    My Blog's New Look & A little Update of My Life

    [ *random post* ]

    Hey Dolls!
    Finally.....! I have my 'official' blog template and I think I'll use this template for a long period of time. If you regularly visit my blog, Im sure you still remember how plain my old template and I didnt have much time to beautify my blog and also my design skill is really poor. -__- That's why I gave up and tried to find someone that could help me. Thanks God I found TheChocoCompany, that specialize in blog layout design.

    SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream Review

    Hey Girls! ♥
    This time Miss Lie from misslie-collection offered me to try one of some Skin79 BB Cream products. Of course Im so excited to try coz I never tried Skin79 BB cream before, and Snail Nutrition BB Cream is my choice since it contains a unique ingredient, "Snail Mucus"! What do you think when you hear "Snail"? For me, it sounds disgusting even to think about that creepy creature. But who could ever imagine this slimy creature has a lot of benefits for your skin? Skin79 claims this product to be KFDA 3 functions certification: whitening, UV interception SPF45++ PA, and wrinkle improvement. I guess you guys start to curious with this bb cream, so let's take a look if so. ^^

    Lebih Baik Belanja Kosmetik Online atau Langsung di Counter Resmi?

    Hi Ladies!
    Suka belanja kosmetik lewat ol shop? Atau langsung beli di counter nya? Lebih baik beli kosmetik lewat online atau langsung di counter nya? Sebenernya belanja lewat ol shop (disingkat aja ya, lol...) atau di counter resminya itu punya kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing2. Misalnya aja ya, kalo beli produk makeup Korea di counternya langsung pasti harganya selangit, tapi kalo lewat ol shop biasanya harganya jauh lebih murah jadi bisa menghemat banyak. Tapi kalo brand makeup western kayak M.A.C, Estée Lauder, Chanel, dll harganya ga jauh berbeda dengan beli lewat ol shop maupun di counter resmi nya.  
    Lalu kira2 apa aja sih kelebihan dan kekurangan belanja kosmetik lewat ol shop dengan di counter resmi nya? Mulai dari online shopping dulu yaa... ^^


    REVIEW: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

    Sapa yg punya masalah dengan jerawat & bekas jerawat disini? *Angkat tangan* LOL. Jerawat itu emang salah satu musuh utama wajah krena slain bikin penampilan jadi engga banget, kdang2 jerawat yg meradang & membandel itu rasanya sakit n bikin perih gitu. Slama ini aku selalu pake obat jerawat dari dokter tp sejak cocok pake TBS Tea Tree Oil ini, aku mutusin untuk ga pake obat dokter lagi. Dan rata2 banyak jg beauty blogger yg cocok pake serum ini. Kalo penasaran, baca terus yah.. ^^

    REVIEW: Tony Moly Dear Me Petite Blusher #02 Peach

    Dear Pretties!
    Sebenernya aku udah ngerasa puas banget dengan Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette aku karena isinya ada 10 shade. Tp kalo pas jalan2 ke mall n pengen touch up gitu rasanya ribet banget deh kalo bawa2 palette gede gitu jadi akhirnya aku nyari blush on kecil jadi praktis dibawa kemanapun. Pas liat blush on ini di counter Tony Moly, aku langsung jatuh cinta apalagi puff nya itu cute banget. Hehe...

    - It's the renewal product of Tony Moly party lover shine blusher
    - Gives fair skin a pretty, almost doll-like flush
    - Has a slight finish but no noticeable shimmer flecks
    - Cute cushion type puff included

    REVIEW: NYX Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe GLG08

    Hello girlss!!
    Rasanya aku perlu lebih sering beli produk lip makeup coz koleksi lip makeup aku dikit banget, kadang2 sampe bosen pake warna yg itu2 melulu. Hehe... Jadi pas lewat counter nya NYX iseng2 nyobain produk lippie nya n aku tertarik dengan produknya yaitu Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe GLG08 ini.

    Brand: NYX

    Name: Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe

    Type: Lip Makeup 
    Ingredients : Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin E

    Available Shades: 11 Shades

    Size: 7 ml

    Glam it up. Packed with glitter, our must-have Glam Gloss gives your lips a hint of color and a mega-dose of shimmering, sparkling shine. Wear alone or over your favorite lipstick.

    Event Report: CLINIQUE New Concept Store Launching Party

     Hi Lovelies!
    Tanggal 21 mei kemaren aku juga dapet undangan ke acara launching Clinique New Concept Store "Service As You Like It" di Metro Ciputra World, Surabaya. Coz lokasinya jauh banget dari rumah jadi pas nyampe sana udah telat 1 jam. :P Beginilah suasananya pas aku nyampe. Disana juga udah ada beauty blogger lainnya yaitu Sabrina & Dyta

    Eye Revitalizing Peel Treatment at Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

    Hi Readers!
    Ga terasa udah ganti bulan yg baru. Seharusnya bulan ini plan nya mau berlibur ke Korea tapi karena my pregnancy kayaknya bakal tertunda sampai taon depan kalo ga ada halangan lagi. Maybe... Padahal visa nya udah keluar. >.< Tp sekrang lebih excited nunggu si baby lahir yg perkiraannya bulan oktober nanti. Yeay~ hehe...

    Sebenernya post ini udah tertunda sejak 3 minggu yg lalu dan baru smpet di posting sekarang. :P So ini kali ketiga aku diundang ke klinik Miracle dan kali ini yang di pusat kota Surabaya yaitu di jl MH Thamrin (Kalo penasaran dengan kunjungan aku ke klinik Miracle di Tunjungan Plaza dan Kertajaya Indah, bisa baca di post 1 dan post 2 ). Sebelumnya yuk liat2 klinik Miracle di pusat kota Surabaya ini.

    Sudah jadi ciri khas nya Klinik Miracle yg slalu tertata dengan rapi, dengan desain interior yg cozy dan homey. Krena ini pusatnya klinik Miracle di Surabaya makanya selain bangunannya lebih besar, fasilitas2 dan ruangan2 treatment nya juga lebih banyak. Tapi peralatan nya sama lengkapnya kok dengan cabang2 klinik Miracle di Surabaya dan memberikan pelayanan yg terbaik slalu jadi prioritas klinik Miracle . :)

    So, ini adalah penampakan ruangan Aesthetic di klinik Miracle, Thamrin. Ada yg Single (1 single bed) dan Couple (2 single bed). Menurut temen2, lebih nyaman mana ruangan Aesthetic nya yg di pusat ini atau yg di cabang TP dan Kertajaya? Hehe...

    Dan sekarang mari liat2 ke lantai 2... ;)

    Ga cuma di lantai 1, di lantai 2 juga tersedia ruang tamu yg ga kalah nyaman nya dan dilengkapi dengan fasilitas2 seperti TV, majalah dsb.

    Ini adalah Surgery Room dan segala aktivitas di ruangan ini akan ditangani langsung oeh dokter. And btw, surgery room ini hanya ada di klinik Miracle, Thamrin.

    Ini ruang konsultasi dengan dokter dan pasien baru biasanya akan dikenakan charge untuk konsultasi pertama.

    Sekarang waktunya treatment. :) Btw, pas diundang ke klinik Miracle, Thamrin ini aku juga bareng 2 blogger lainnya yaitu Lala & Ce Yennyca dan kita bertiga dapet perawatan yg sama. So, di ruangan Laser ini aku, Lala, dan Ce Yennyca nyobain perawatan Eye Revitalizing Peel. Sesuai namanya, perawatan ini untuk menangani masalah2 pada daerah mata seperti garis2 halus, mata lelah, dark circle, dll.

    Aku dapet giliran pertama untuk dibersihin mukanya terlebih dahulu. Coz udah dikasih tau kalo akan dapet treatment, jadi aku ga pake makeup sama sekali jadi dibersihinnya juga lebih cepet. hehe...

    Sebelum memulai treatment, Dr Debby menjelaskan dikit tentang manfaat Eye Revitalizing Peel ini. Dan kemudian beliau mengoleskan peeling gel di area sekitar mata aku. Namanya peeling pasti ada sensasi perih, gatal, atau panas gitu. Setelah 3 menit, peeling gel nya dioleskan lagi dan ditunggu 3 menit lagi. Walaupun cuma bentar tp rasa gatalnya itu bikin ga betah. >.<

    Last step, nurse nya ngolesin krim anti iritasi, tp efek peeling sebelumnya masih agak terasa. :P

    Berhubung aku yg paling duluan selesai treatment nya jadi bisa ngeliat Lala n Ce Yennyca pas treatment. Hehehe...

    Selesai treatment, kita bertiga diajak oleh Jennie untuk berkeliling lagi di lantai 2. Ada Photo Room, untuk mengambil foto before & after treatment customer.

    Ada juga Ozone Therapy Room yang ruangan & fasilitasnya nyaman banget. Terapi Ozon ini baik untuk tubuh seperti membunuh bakteri dan virus, meningkatkan ketahanan tubuh, memperlancar peredaran darah, dsb.

    Di klinik Miracle, Thamrin ini juga ada alat bernama Visia yg berfungsi untuk menganalisis kulit customer. Berhubung waktu itu ada dikit gangguan dengan jaringannya, makanya kita bertiga ga jadi nyoba alatnya. Maybe next time.. :D

    Setelah mengikuti serangkaian clinic tour dan treatment, kita ga lupa foto bareng. :) Dari kiri, Ce Yennyca, Lala, Dr Debby, Me, dan Ibu Lala (namanya sama kayak Lala... lol) selaku Miracle Corporate Marketing Manager.

    Foto bareng Jennie juga ~

    Dan aku juga dapet produk dari Miracle "TDF Eye Radiance" yaitu semacam serum atau eye cream dan dipake pagi dan malam setelah cuci muka. Abis treatment ini dianjurkan untuk ga pake eye makeup atau eye cream dulu agar efeknya bisa bekerja dengan maksimal, jadi aku baru pake eye cream ini setelah 3 hari kemudian. :)
    FYI, kamu pun bisa nyobain treatment Eye Revitalizing Peel ini dengan harga IDR 300.000 dan untuk produk TDF Eye Radiance nya seharga IDR 680.000. Lumayan mahal sih menurutku, tapi kalo sebanding dengan hasilnya, it's worthed lah. :)

    Lastly, aku pengen ngucapin BIG Thanks to Miracle Clinic dan Jennie yg udah 3 kali ngundang aku ke klinik Miracle dan memperkenalkan klinik2 Miracle di Surabaya, serta untuk undangan nya ke event2 klinik Miracle. Thankyou banget juga untuk klinik Miracle atas kesempatannya buat nyobain treatment2 di klinik Miracle. Im having a really good time there ~ :)
    Jangan lupa support Klinik Miracle dengan cara follow beberapa socmed klinik Miracle di bawah ini. Dan kamu pun akan dapetin berbagai info promo2 atau event2 menarik dari klinik Miracle. ^^

    xoxo <3