Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup SPF 20

Hey Girls~ Today I wanted to share one of my must have items in my makeup bag. But firstly, I would like to say that I'll use Indonesian Languange or "Bahasa" to write this product review. Honestly, it takes a bit of time to find the right English words and structures so that you can understand what I mean and my time is too limited to make a complete review in English. Therefore, I provide a translator widget  on my blog's right sidebar which you can use to translate my blogposts. :) But, I'll probably use English when I have too much time.

Okay, let's get back on the topic! Foundation adalah item yang wajib saya miliki di dalam tas makeup saya dan saya selalu menggunakannya setiap kali akan bepergian karena foundation dapat membantu untuk menyamarkan noda dan warna kemerahan di wajah saya. Namun saya juga membatasi pemakaian foundation dalam makeup sehari-hari agar kulit wajah saya juga bisa "bernafas" sejenak dari jangkauan zat-zat kimia yang terkandung dalam produk kosmetik. 

So, pada post kali ini, saya ingin membagikan sedikit informasi seputar produk foundation yang saya miliki yaitu Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup. Mungkin beberapa di antara kalian sudah pernah melihat saya menggunakan foundation ini ketika mengikuti IBB Makeup Challenge "Must Have Red" pada post sebelumnya. Namun, pada review kali ini, saya ingin membahas lebih detil mengenai produk yang satu ini. So, let's start...^^
Revlon Photoready makeup yang saya gunakan ini berwarna shell. Namun foundation yang satu ini juga tersedia dalam beberapa pilihan warna lainnya seperti nude, natural beige, medium beige, cool beige, dan golden beige. Saya merasa paling cocok menggunakan yang warna shell karena warnanya cukup natural dan tidak terlihat gelap di kulit saya.

Saya suka banget dengan packaging foundation yang satu ini karena dikemas dalam sebuah botol yang terbuat dari bahan mirip kaca namun tidak mudah pecah. Pemakaian foundation ini pun sangat mudah karena mirip botol spray dimana kita hanya perlu menekannya sedikit untuk menggunakannya.
Basically, foundation yang satu ini tidak memiliki aroma apapun sehingga bagi kamu yang agak sensitif dengan aroma tertentu pasti tidak masalah untuk menggunakan foundation yang satu ini.

Foundation yang satu ini memiliki tekstur yang lembut namun agak menggumpal ketika saya tuangkan sedikit di tangan saya. Ketika saya gosok sedikit, foundation ini langsung menyebar dan mulai menyatu dengan permukaan kulit saya tanpa menimbulkan efek cakey.

Setelah menggosok beberapa kali, foundation ini akhirnya menyatu dengan kulit saya dan warnanya nyaris tidak nampak seolah-olah tidak memakai foundation. Pada foto di atas mungkin tidak terlihat, namun foundation ini ternyata juga menghasilkan efek shiny di kulit loh sehingga tidak hanya berfungsi menutupi noda di wajah, foundation ini juga dapat membuat kulit terlihat lebih cerah dan bercahaya. :)

Overall, foundation yang satu ini merupakan recommended-item buat kamu para pecinta liquid foundation dengan warna yang natural namun juga memberikan efek shiny di kulit. Harga foundation ini memang lumayan mahal yah, namun cukup sebanding dari segi volume dan kualitasnya. Foundation ini juga tidak sulit ditemukan karena hampir tersedia di seluruh outlet Revlon di Indonesia. 

So, have you tried this yet? What's your opinion? :)
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Happy 100++ Followers & 15th Post!! :)

Last night I saw my blog already had 100 followers. Im feelin' like,"Oh my goooshh! Is it really?? Owh thank you soo much to all my dearest readers. I love ya'll :") " It's been 23 days since my first post ever! At that time, I really really and really had no idea where I should start with this blog. But thanks a lot to all of my loyal readers for always inspiring me in soo many ways and supporting me with all of your wonderful comments and ideas. I just wanna say how AWESOMEE I think you guys are. :)

Here's my happy face (=^_^=)

Finally, I wanna share my today's OOTD that I took this morning. If you guys feel like my outfit, I'll be posting OOTDs much more in the future. :)

What I wore:
Chocochips Boutique "Flower Line Blouse in Peach"
Unbranded skinny jeans
Adorable Projects Lunatic Grey Glossy Heels
Nine West brown leather handbag

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Maybelline Blush Studio "Cheeky Glow"

Hi Dolly Girls.. How is your day going? Im sorry that I've not been keeping the blog up to date, things have been quite busy lately. *sigh*
So, today's review is Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow - Wooden Rose. But actually, I rarely use blush and that's why I only have one blush in my makeup bag. I think that I'll need to buy more blushes soon. :P 
I first bought this Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow 2 months ago but I've been using this blush since 2 days ago. lol. Okay then, here are my thoughts:

What They Say:
  • Silky smooth texture
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Non comedogenic  

What I Say:
This blush makes me quite impressed because its neutral color and naturally radiant at the same time. I bought this blush coz I was inspired by Korean natural makeup look and I think this blush is perfect for makeup beginners like me. No matter how much I use it, it doesnt look overly messy. The smooth and lightweight texture makes it easy to apply and blend well on my skin. 
2x swatches

  • Easy to get anywhere
  • Affordable price
  • Very handy and easy to use
  • Also available in several colors, like Peachy Sweety, Creamy cinnamon , Fresh Coral.
  • Simple and cute packaging
  • Must have item for makeup beginners
  • Natural glow on my face
  • It doesn't have a long lasting effect
  • I have to at least apply more than 3-4 times.

 Have you tried this product lately? What did you think of it? :)

 Thank you for reading my blog. xoxo^^

DIY: The Superbly Simple Rice Water Mask

Hi Girls... Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for participating in "My 1st Giveaway".If you have not joined yet the giveaway, please consider doing so. :) 
So, today I'd like to share a review of natural rice facial mask. Being of Asian herritage, I was certainly no stranger to rice, especially white rice. Believe it or not, rice has immense benefits that your skin will just fall in love with. White rice is more than just the staple food of Asia, it can also solve all your skin problems, particularly useful for oily and acne prone skin.  
In fact, I have acne-prone skin since 2 years ago, that's why  I have been using acne products & treatments from a beauty clinic in Surabaya for 2 years. But, every month I need to spend more than IDR 300.000 on acne products and treatments. Wow! That's not cheap at all, especially for a college student like me. But, a few days ago, a friend of my aunt told me to try rice water. "Rice water is simply the water that comes from washing uncooked rice. Once the rice is soaked, the water becomes muddy because rice contains a high concentration of Para Aminobenzoic Acid and this tends to work effectively as a sunscreen." Beside this, rice water also has a variety of benefits as shown below:
  • Contain natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin.
  • Natural acne treatment for oily skin.
  • Can be used as a natural toner.
  • Increase collagen production that is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of skin.
  • Skin will be firmer, brighter, and smoother.
  • Reduce acne scars and blemishes in face.
  • Antioxidant-rich to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Make skin whiter and glowing.
  • Skin exfoliation will restore the skin to its original luscious and clear textures.
Woow! I would of never thought that it had so many benefits! So, it's been 3 days since I've started using the rice water. Results may not immediately visible, however I feel my skin become brighter. I think that I'll continue to wear rice water until one month so I'll get the maximum results. :) Well, if you're interested to try, you can follow the full instructions here. (Tips: Use rice water mask approximately 15-30minutes. You may use rice water twice a day or more depending on your needs.)

    • Bad smells.
    • As the mask dries it get extremely stiff, I couldn't move my face.
    • Rice water lasting no more than 2 days.
    • A bit incovenient because I need to wash rice everyday.

    After all, I apologize if Im unable to explain properly because the topic itself is quite complex. I do hope this review will be useful for you and I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

    My 1st Giveaway: "Intro Giveaway"!

    Hi dolly girls..! I just started my blog about 2 weeks ago and im really happy coz my readers grow everyday. Maybe it's a little too early, but Im soooo excited to announce my very fist Giveaway! Yay~ But, I have to say first, that this giveaway is only open for Indonesian readers, and I promise I'll do another giveaway that will be open internationally. :)
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     If you win, you'll get the prizes listed below:
    1. Etude House Easy Brow Pencil (no. 1 dark brown)
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    Who has Inspired You?

    Okay, let's talk. My post today isn't about beauty or fashion or anything else. Since a few days ago, I've always wanted to write about some bloggers that inspire me. Before I decided to create a blog, I've known two beautiful bloggers who really inspire a lot of people with their inspiring blog and sense of fashion. They are Diana Rikasari from "Hot Chocolate and Mint" and Xiaxue. Diana Rikasari is an Indonesian fashion blogger, she has a quirky style but im pretty sure that you'll never get bored of her style. 

    Diana's Blog

    And she also has an online shop selling so many shoes, especially high platform wedges. If you're insterested to see her shoe collection, you can simply visit her shop here. When I already have enough money, I want to buy one of her shoe collection. Hahaa... I think her shoe designs are completely cool, pretty, and elegant. :)

    "UP" Store

    And the "Top Beauty Blogger" has awarded to Xiaxue's blog at Im sure you all know her better than me. She's a Singaporean celebrity and beauty blogger which is identical to her "gyaru" look and pinky hair.  Her look is inspired by her gyaru role model, Tsubasa Masukawa. 

    Xiaxue's blog header
    But, Im really sad coz yesterday I got bad news that Xiaxue's blog deleted by Blogger and maybe categorized as spam (see her latest tweets here). :(  I still hope that her blog will be restored soon coz she's such an inspiring blogger too. Actually, this incident is extremely unfair and very bad issue for bloggers that already has a massive amount of followers.

    Okay, let's get back to the topic. Lately I've found some amazing fashion blogs like "A Little Princess" written by Veren Lee, and "The Riotous Belle" written by Sonia Eryka. They both are Indonesian Bloggers who have passion for fashion  and I just simply love their blog.

    So, what inspires you to blog? Or who are the bloggers that inspire you to start your own blog today? If you have any inspirational blogs that you follow, please feel free to share a link in the comments below. :

    Thanks for reading my blog.  
    xoxo ❤

    Dermafleece MaxGrowth Oxygen

    If you're having problems with your eyelashes caused by easily fall or fracture or you dont know how to properly take care of your eyelashes or etc., I hope that my post this time can be a solution to your problem. So, today's product of the day is Dermafleece Maxgrowth Oxygen with protection of oxygen to regenerate, nourish, and make your eyelashes/eyebrows grow longer, thicker, shining, and strong. Use this product for at least 28 days and gradually your eyelashes/eyebrows grow longer, stronger, and healthier. :)

    (this photo was not taken by me, visit here to see its original source)
    15mL volume
    Made in Canada

    How to use:
    - Make sure your eyelashes/eyebrows are clean as well as dry.
    - Apply the Dermafleece Maxgrowth Oxygen 2 to 3 times on your upper and lower lashes like using mascara, and repeat the usage every 3 to 4 hours.
    - For max result, do not wear the mascara while using this product. But, if you need to wear mascara, you should apply the product to your eyelashes and make sure it has fully dried before to apply mascara.

    When you feel that your eyelashes are quite long and tapering, but you dont know to properly care your eyelashes, maybe you can stop by the website here to find out the proper way to take care of your beautiful eyelashes. ;)

    Finally, if this post useful to you, don't forget to leave your comments and it would be an honor if you want to follow my blog. Thx..^^ xoxo <3

    Revlon and Maybelline Lipsticks Lover

    Hi Everyone...! Are you a lipstick lover? Same with me...^^ I could say that lipstick has become an important part in our (read: women) life. Your makeup will not look perfect and attractive without lipstick on your lips. You do not have to be a profesional to know how to use lipstick coz it's very easy to use. So, here's some of my lipstick collection, but mostly dominated by Revlon. lol


    1. Revlon Colorstay Soft and Smooth Lip Color 290 Heavenly Mauve
    2. Revlon Moisturestay Lipcolor Malt 08
    3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 020 Pink Afterglow
    4. Maybelline Watershine Pure P21 Lipstick
    Revlon Colorstay Soft and Smooth Lip Color 290 Heavenly Mauve is a soft and smooth lipstick color, also long-lasting due to its exclusive formula with softlex. But, Im sure that you'll also love Revlon Moisturestay Lipcolor Malt 08 coz its elegant and catchy packaging, it also contain Ginkgo Biloba and vitamin C to prevent chapped lips and keep your lips moist.

    But, I naturally love Maybelline Watershine Pure P21 (no. 4) as my favourite one coz it look glossy and shine. FYI, "Watershine Pure" lipstick is like tinted lip balm, sheer, and watery. I do recommend this lipstick for those people who like moisturizing lipstick and color electric pink. :) For daily use, I think that Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 020 Pink Afterglow would be the best to brighten my day.

     and so.. thanks for visit^^

    Happy Birthday my sweetheart! ^^

    Today is my beloved boyfriend's birthday... Hooraay..! XD But sadly I can't celebrate his birthday this year coz he's in Surabaya and Im in my hometown. But we'll celebrate it together when I return to Surabaya on next February. ^^ Altough we can't see each other, but I want to make him feel happy in this spesial day. So, I ordered a heart-shaped Black Forest Cake from a bakery in Surabaya and I requested for the cake was delivered to his home this morning. I hope this "little" surprise could make him happy. :)
    Besides, last night I also made him a special birthday greeting card. A few days ago, I've got an idea to make a popup birthday card. So, last night I spent about 3 hours to make this popup birthday card with limited equipments, I even used some waste paper. lol :P's my handmade popup birthday card. I didn't use printer to print these pictures but drew this myself. This birthday card may look a little messy, but this was the first time I made a popup birthday card and I made it very seriously. If you're interested in making this card, then this little tutorial may be interesting and useful to you. ^^

    Im so sorry if I can't explain this card making tutorial in detail coz my documentation in making this card was accidentally deleted and I was really shocked. However, I hope that the above link can be useful for you and make you find a new inspiration. :)

    Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.