Review: KKCENTERHK's ES-A561 Lower Eyelashes

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This is my first sponsored review of falsies products that was generously sponsored by KkCenterHkKkCenterHk was kindly sent me 1 box of lower lashes. It took a month for me to receive this item. But Im so happy coz it finally arrived on my doorstep last week via standard airmail. Thank you KkCenterHk. ^^ Im sorry if maybe it's kinda late to review because I was really busy lately, but I hope you enjoy. Cheers! :)

ABOUT KKCENTERHK  is an online shop based in Hong Kong specializing on different types of wigs, nails art, makeup, falsies, fashion, and many more beauty products with the most affordable price, good quality, and profesional services.

What I have is ES Handmade Black Transparent Stem Lower Eyelashes-A561. If you want to see other ES brand's products, you might want too see their other products on KkCenterHk's website  because they really have a lot of beauty products with affordable price, not only lashes but also eyeshadow pallete, eyeliner, etc.

 The lashes came in a nice black cardbox which is a good idea to protect them. The box contain 10 pairs of lower lashes as shown below and they are pretty neat arranged on a sheet of paper. The lashes were perfectly safe because it was packed with a buble wrap.

And, here's how the lower lashes ES-A561 looks like...

  • 100% new, authentic & handmade lashes
  • 10 pairs in one pack, black lashes and very thin transparent stem
  • Can be re-use many times
  • Make your eyes look bigger and attractive
  • Suitable for party or everyday use
  • Glus is not included
  • Price is $28

These lashes are handmade and have a clear band. The band is quite thin but believe me they are not fragile at all. That's why I said that these lashes have a good quality. Before using this lashes, I need to cut the excess band so it will not hurt my eyes.

 I remember the first time I wore my first lower lashes, it was really hard to bend under my eyes and my eyes looks totally weird like an alien. :P But I have to say that Im totally impressed by this lower lashes that KkCenterHk has sent to me. This lashes band is clear and flexible so it makes them easier to apply. This is my second lower lashes and Im so happy to wear it coz my eyes looks bigger and cute like a doll. LOL. They also extremely comfortable & look really natural on my eyes. Am I look like a doll? I hope it doesn't look quirky... Haha...

This is it looks like with me wearing this ES-A561 lower lashes on my eyes. Can you see them? :) I also wore this lashes to join Indonesian Beauty Blogger May 2013 Makeup Challenge. ^^

I chose this style of lower lashes coz this lower falsies looks match with my upper lashes. This is the first time I feel a litte bit more confident in my makeup. Hehe. I dont need to apply mascara anymore coz my eyes looks dramatic already with a pair of thick upper lashes and this ES-A561 lower lashes.

-They packed really nicely
- Good quality & very affordable price
-They blend nicely
- Really comfort and didn't poke my eyes
- Thin, Very transparent band
- Soft & flexible fibers
- Looks natural on my eyes
- Suitable for gyaru makeup and everyday use

- Glue is not included
- Only available in KkCenterHk's website


YES, you should try it! This lashes is especially recommended for those who like to create gyaru makeup or dolly eye effect. :)

 If you're interested with this lashes, go get yours at KkCenterHk's website and you may find some products that you would like. And don't forget to use my coupon code: "glorychen" to get 10% on your purchases. This coupon code is valid until Jan 31st, 2014. :)

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 Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own opinion based on my own experience.

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  1. I love these lower lashes. They look natural but really beautiful. I really want to buy same.
    I love your post.

    xo, Shiki