Lens Review: DIVA Queen Series "Green" 14.00mm

Hi hi Girls ^^
I'm back with my second lenses review, "Diva Queen Green". I got this lenses from Kak Carryna Pratiwi ft. MyGeoLens Giveaway. Thank you Kak Carryna & MyGeoLens for choosing me as winner. :)
This is my first "green colour" lenses & I chose this colour coz Im a little bored with grey, blue, n purple colours. Lol.

DIVA Queen Series "Green" Review

When I received these lenses, they really do amaze me coz the design is really beautiful & remind me of flower pattern. The color looks more vibrant than its advertise picture &  really standout without using flash. The green color makes me feel like born-to-be fairy and not like an alien. :) MyGeoLens's owner said these lenses are categorized as their best-seller lens product.

The black outer ring makes the enlarging effect is quite big and gives my eyes dolly-effect look.

These lenses actually are quite comfortable in my eyes, but it's only lasting around 2-3 hours. Then, my eyes began to feel inconvenience, and it makes my eyes get sore. While wearing the lenses, I need to use eye drops to make the comfort last longer.

The color & design are far away from natural look but I love how they blend nicely into my dark brown-color eye, and at the same time the enlargement provides a dolly-fairy effect.


These lenses have a beautiful flower pattern like a "sun flower" in green color and unique black outer ring design. :)

Before & After wearing Diva Queen Green...

"Me Time".... image

The color looks brighter in the real-life and I can't stop staring at my eyes coz they really look beautiful like dolly-fairy eyes. LOLOL.image


- Good enlargement
- Dazzle pattern & vibrant green color
- Noticeable lens
- Blends very well into my own eyes
- The enlargements gives dolly-eye effect

- Far away from natural look
- Only comfortable for 2-3 hours 


Lenses can be purchased here

So yeah I'm really happy with these lenses coz the design & color are really outstanding but it's also less comfortable, so maybe sometimes I'll be wearing them like when Im going to party or hangout that usually only takes 2-3 hours long.

Thank you for reading my blog & see you soon! image

With Love,

*** Glory Chen ***


  1. waww kamu kyk cewek" di anime ajaa *o*

  2. good review!
    I always love your photography
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  3. It looks pretty on you! Good review dear ^^

  4. very PRETTY, dear :) LOVE IT SO MUCH

    btw, yuk ikutan PINKYLICI0US GIVEAWAYS…
    banyak hadiahnya loh….dari merek Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, It’s Skin, etc
    ajak teman2mu jg yach, ada SURPRISE GIFTS too for your friend ^_^v
    Caranya gampang banget koq, cek di http://pinkylici0us.blogspot.com/
    Thank u so much, dear ^_^v

  5. oh my gosh i'm never dear to go out with green lens. masih belum PD make warna ijo gituu
    but it's look really pretty on you

    Would you like to follow each other on

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