Revlon and Maybelline Lipsticks Lover

Hi Everyone...! Are you a lipstick lover? Same with me...^^ I could say that lipstick has become an important part in our (read: women) life. Your makeup will not look perfect and attractive without lipstick on your lips. You do not have to be a profesional to know how to use lipstick coz it's very easy to use. So, here's some of my lipstick collection, but mostly dominated by Revlon. lol


1. Revlon Colorstay Soft and Smooth Lip Color 290 Heavenly Mauve
2. Revlon Moisturestay Lipcolor Malt 08
3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 020 Pink Afterglow
4. Maybelline Watershine Pure P21 Lipstick
Revlon Colorstay Soft and Smooth Lip Color 290 Heavenly Mauve is a soft and smooth lipstick color, also long-lasting due to its exclusive formula with softlex. But, Im sure that you'll also love Revlon Moisturestay Lipcolor Malt 08 coz its elegant and catchy packaging, it also contain Ginkgo Biloba and vitamin C to prevent chapped lips and keep your lips moist.

But, I naturally love Maybelline Watershine Pure P21 (no. 4) as my favourite one coz it look glossy and shine. FYI, "Watershine Pure" lipstick is like tinted lip balm, sheer, and watery. I do recommend this lipstick for those people who like moisturizing lipstick and color electric pink. :) For daily use, I think that Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 020 Pink Afterglow would be the best to brighten my day.

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  1. cute .. warna lips nya bagus2 ~

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    I agree with your opinion with lipsticks! A make up look looks so much better with a lip color. I never leave the house with at least a tinted lip balm (:


    1. suree... it's really must have item for daily use ^^
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  3. Haha i love maybelline, actually I usw only maybelline, it's perfect! :)

    1. yeah, i have some products of maybelline too.. :)

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  5. Beautiful items!



  6. I love #4, thats a really cute shade of hot pink!


  7. yang no 4 kayknya bagus di kamu :D

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