Review: KKCenterHK's ES-A503 False Eyelashes

If you guys know about me, I'm really into false eyelashes! The first time I wore lashes, it was so much harder than I thought. But, I do really love lashes now, it was like 'magic' coz when you wear lashes, your eyes will be look beautiful and fabolous instantly. So, this time Im gonna review about ES-A503 lashes from KKCenterHk. This is the second time KKCenterHk sent the lashes to me and they also send 2 box of pretty lashes. This second time, I chose 2 different kind of lashes, they are ES-A503 black half luxuriant falsies and ES honey butterfly rose paper falsies. But I will review ES-A503 only in this post, if you're very curious about the paper falsies, you can directly visit KkCenterHk's website for more details. And before I start, I'd like to apologize  for the delay in making this lashes review since a month ago because I'm so busy with my thesis and preparation for graduation this year. Please dont be mad at me, Maggie. ;) So, let's start...


  • 100% New, authentic, handmade Lashes
  • 5 Pairs in one pack
  • Can Be Re-use many times
  • Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up
  • Glue is not included
  • Price is $15.44

I think the quality of the lashes is fairly good. The feathers looks thick, long, very light and soft. I just feel a bit dissapointed coz the glue on the lash band is very thick and strong, so it directly attached firmly in my eye line when I tried to put on the properly area. 

Actually, I chose these because I have never tried any like them before and some girls really looks beautiful when they wore this kind of lashes. When I tried a pair of this lashes for the first time, I think they were a bit stiff and I find it kinda hard to follow my eye line. But I just won't give up and after I tried for several times, finally I 'mastered' it. LOL. When I wore them, they actually really look lovely like a peacock. ;)

   See their beautiful shape? I also love their white packaging! They look clean & sweet... :)

If we talk about the design, I give two thumbs up for this lashes coz it has a pretty and flirty shape. When I saw this lashes, I thought this is a plain falsies and only suitable for daily wear. But I was big wrong, coz otherwise this falsies looks boring on my eyes without any makeup. Yeah, it is adviseable to use the falsies for party or occasional events.

And this is what they look like on my eyes... Please pardon my 'narcism' pose.. LOL

I don't see any reviews of this lashes on KkCenterHk's site, I think maybe Im the first person that already tried this. Can you see my tapering lashes? Haha.

It was a big mistake to wear this lashes with just a simple makeup coz my eyes looks awkward with this dramatic and bold lashes.

And voilaa... This is me after a 'big transformation'... I think the lashes looks incredible now after I put on some makeup. I felt like I have a bird wing on my eyes. :D I think Im gonna wear this lashes when I attend a party or special event. 

Btw, are you surprised with my hair? It's not a secret, yeah I wear a wig. Please keep your curiosity until the next post coz I will review about my new wig. I also plan on having a photo shoot while wearing this wig soon. ;)

  • Looks very thick, long, and soft
  • Pretty & dolly design
  • A peacock-like shape
  •  It looks dramatic after put on some makeup

  • A bit stiff and hard to follow my eye line
  • The quality is too standard
  • Without glue on lash line please...
  • Can only be bought online



 You can get this pretty lashes here. If you browse their site, you will also find out tons of unique & sweet lashes. Make sure you visit their site coz they also feature some of the best deals on nail polish, wigs, eyeliner, mascara, etc. 

Overall, I would love this lashes if they are easy to apply and not a bit stiff. But I cant lie to myself if I really fall in love with the lashes design. I'll definitely use them when I want to create a "gyaru look" and attend some special events. <3

And fnally, thank you for reading my blog. Please enjoy your visit & hope you like my post. And also thank you once again to KkCenterHk for sending me these lashes. See ya, guys! ;)

Glory Chen
*Disclaimer: I received these lashes for review purpose but my opinions are 100% honest and based on my personal experience with the product.


  1. Pretty lashes!
    I also received some of KKCenterHK but they are so long on me...going to my brows ): I have to cut them, otherwise I could never wear them.

    1. yeah I think so, I just hate the glue on the lash line... but they actually very pretty.. :)

  2. Cantikk ^^ suka sama rambutnya juga~

    1. hehe... makasih sha... tp rmbutnya agak kpanjangan.. huhu... T.T

  3. cantik bangeeet <3 ditunggu review wignya yaa ^^

  4. Replies
    1. yeah.. but they look more pretty when you wear it... :D