Lens Review #2: Lettuce Brown 13.9mm (KPOP2.com)

Hi Lovelies!
Today I will be reviewing Lettuce Brown 13.9mm that was kindly sponsored by KPOP2.com. Thank you so much, KPOP2.com. ^^ Actually, KPOP2.com sent me 2 pair of circle lenses for review purposes, but I will be reviewing this one first. :)

About KPOP2
KPOP2 is Korea based biggest colored contact lenses and glasess shop. KPOP2 carries arround 300 different kinds of cheap colored contact lenses and aims to become the world's biggest colored contact lens distribution company. They also carry the most favourite circle lens by girl & boy idol groups in Korea. 
For more details, please visit their website at: www.kpop2.com.

(source: www.kpop2.com)

So, KPOP2 already shipped my package on May 24th and I've received the package about 2 weeks ago. But, you guys know that I was very busy 2 weeks ago, so I just have time to make the review right now. First of all, Im soo happy and proud because this is my very first lenses that was directly shipped from Korea! Wow, Korea! I looove Korea soo much! That's why I was very excited to wait my "first package" from Korea last month, and KPOP2's service is really good and fast! Their online store also provide very cheap circle lenses, basically you can find a lot of "$10.99 circle lenses" in their online store. Altough they're cheap, but you will amazed by their really beautiful and unique design of circle lenses that you will not find in other circle lenses online store. And I would say that Im totally in love with those unique and beautiful circle lenses design on KPOP2's website.  

Anyway, so this is what the package that I received looks like. And it came in this simple pink plactic wrap and lined with bubble wrap. But dont worry about the circle lenses inside the package because they were pretty neat and wrapping with super thick bubble wrap! :)

And.. here's the product info from KPOP2:

Product Name: Lettuce Brown
Duration of Use: Max 1 Year (Recommended of Used Duration: 6 months)
Manufacturer: Korea
BC: 8.6mm
Moisture Content: 38%
Graphic Diameter: 13.9mm
Overall Diameter: 14.00mm
Price: $10.99

Natural eyes
(a) One In , (b) Window Light , (c) Indoor Light/Low Light
Indoor light (Low Light) : (a) right eye (b) left eye
Window light : (a) left eye (b) right eye

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  4/5 stars
I think the design is really unique and unusual as its name "Lettuce", it looks like I can see a brown lettuce in my eyes. LOL. But what I just want to say that I really love this circle lens design and a thick brown outer ring makes the circle lens looks bigger and dolly. Actually I quite bored with other circle lens colors like grey, blue, and purple, that's why I always choose a new color when I bought a new pair of circle lens. Because of my natural eyes color is dark brown so maybe it isn't that noticeable in my eyes and looks like Im not wearing any circle lenses at all. But this is my most FAVOURITE circle lens right now because the design is absolutely unique and beautiful, and the color is really natural in my eyes. I can wear this circle lens for daily use and people may see if Im not wearing any circle lenses and start to adore my "natural-look" brown eyes.Haha. :D

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆  2/5 stars
Please don't ask the enlargement as you already know that the 13.9mm diameter of circle lens will not give your eyes an enlargement effect. But If you notice my eyes in a few minutes, maybe you will see that my eyes looks quite larger than usual. But, this lenses definitely do give a dolly-look but still natural in my eyes.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆  4/5 stars
In fact, I rather doubt that the circle lens will stay comfortable long hours in my eyes because this brand of circle lens is absolutely new for me and I really never heard of it before, so that's why I didn't expect too much when I received the lenses. Altough the moisture content is less than other circle lens, but this lenses is really amazed me with the comfort because I just need to use a little amount of eye drops and they retain moisture for 3-4 hours in my eyes. Shortly, I felt like not wearing any circle lenses at all. ;)

And... It's me wearing the lens... :D

  • Very unique and beautiful design
  • Blend easily in my eyes
  • Stay comfortable for long hours
  • Gives eyes a dolly look but still in natural way
  • Very cheap price for such a good quality like these lenses.
  • Suitable for everyday use

  • There's no enlargement effect since the lenses diameter is only 13.9mm
  • The color is too neutral in my dark brown eyes

- NO. If your natural eyes color is dark brown and you want a pop color lens
- YES! If your natural eyes color is dark brown and you still want a natural eyes look

To find this lenses, visit here

I give this Lettuce Brown Lenses ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars.

I just in love with this lenses because finally I get my "dream" brown lenses since I wasn't dare to try the natural color and always bought the pop color lenses. But, this lenses is definitely something because they look natural on my eyes and the design is definitely not boring. If the color is quite lighter and the diameter is bigger, maybe I will totally in love with this lenses. I will definitely use them for everyday use, but not for special event/party because using makeup doesn't help to make this circle lens color pop out. This lenses is perfect for everyone who wants their eyes look dolly but still natural and comfortable for a few hours.

And finally, thank you for visit my blog and spend your time to read this review. I hope you like this review and please tell me if you find any mistakes.:) If you don't mind, I would be very happy if you want to follow my BLOGLOVIN. Thank youuu... xoxo.

Much Love,

***Glory Chen***


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  6. Woah these lense look really natural~
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  7. From what I look, the lenses still make your eyes looks bigger xD
    and I really love how it turn out. You looks so pretty with those lenses.
    Anyway, thank you for making this review. I might be considering to buy from that website :D


    1. Hi Yukari! Welcome to my blog... :)
      Im soo happy if you like my review and interested to try them. Yeah, they are really natural on my eyes and my eyes looks bigger too. ^^

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  10. Colored contacts lenses no prescription can be as fun to wear as you can change the color of your eyes according to your mood or dress..

  11. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  12. You received really good customer service from KPOP2. I spend nearly $60AUD and have had quite a few problems with them, including defect lens and broken vials.

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