Review: LANDBIS Light Pink Smolder Pencil Eyeliner in Thicken Black

Hello Dolls!
I guess this is the first time I've done a post about eyeliner. Really? Yeah, I think so. Just because I rarely bought eyeliner, it doesn't mean I never using eyeliner. I just never repurchased eyeliner until it's ran out, that's why I only have 1-2 eyeliners on my makeup pouch. Lol. 

Actually when using eyeliner, I find it a little bit troublesome sometimes. That's why I feel so lazy to use my eyeliner except when I go to the mall, church, etc. I really envy people who can create the perfect winged eyeliner, maybe I just need more practise to master it. Lol. In fact, I prefer liquid eyeliner compared to gel eyeliner coz it usually has more vivid black color, pointed brush, and better smudge-proof level. But, when KKCENTERHK offered me some makeup products to try, I was quite fascinated with Landbis Light Pink Smolder Pencil Eyeliner in Thicken Black and thought I should give it a try. :D Therefore, let's take a close look at this eyeliner... ^^

Smolder black eyeliner pencil soft and creamy.
With an intense, rich color deposit and power your eyes.
Goes on fluidly and in one steady stroke to style any fashion of eye liner.
An easy way to line the top and lower lash line of the eye.
Last all day without any flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking.
Net Weight :5g
Price: $12.11

This pencil eyeliner comes with a hot pink plastic wrap and I think that you commonly found this wrap when you bought a ball-point pen coz their wraps has the same model right? :P So yeah, the eyeliner itself also comes in plastic and glossy pen-like packaging with a mix of magenta and black colors. I think the packaging is quite simple with a black cap but also very portable and make it easier to carry arround. ;)

Please forgive me for my fault, actually the eyeliner tip isn't blunt like below. The actual eyeliner tip is pointed but I forgot to completely twist down the stick so as you've already expected, the end result is like this. >.< But lucky me the eyeliner is still reusable. ;)

I saw this eyeliner formula looks like a crayon but it's much thinner and more convenient to use. I drew a heart-shape to show you the texture and the thickness of this eyeliner. ;) The texture is soft and creamy as stated  on its description above with bold color that also can be built up to desired result.

So actually I never experienced smudging or smearing when using my favourite liquid eyeliner, but since this is a pencil eyeliner therefore here's I show you a little experiment to let you know the smudge-proof strength. I guess you already knew what will happen next if I rub it. Yeah, the color instantly fade and left.. Stain! -__- After 3-4 wipes, the color almost gone. Of course, it's definitely didn't pass my smudge-proof test. And I hope I don't forget to remind myself that I currently use a pencil eyeliner in the future so it will not 'transform' my eyes into panda eyes. Lol.
And let's move on to the next test, Waterproof Test! I put my hand under running water maybe about 1-2 minutes, and the color just fade slightly so I think this eyeliner passed my waterproof test. Hehe... But if you rub it, then it will completely gone. :P
And here's an EOTD that I created a while ago using this LANDBIS pencil eyeliner. I applied the eyeliner on my upper and lower lash line. I found it's harder to apply the eyeliner with eye makeup on because it tends to crease and I need to apply it for 3-4 times.

- Cute & simple packaging, also very portable
- Soft & creamy texture
- Rich black color
- Waterproof
- The color level can be built up to desired result
- Very easy to use
- Good staying power (Note. if you dont rub it :P)
- Suitable for daily use and natural makeup

- Failed on smudge-proof test
- It's hard to apply with eye makeup on and it tends to crease

And.. it's time for SELCA..! ^_^ Please excuse my 'narcissism' and so many photos.. I just can't can't select the best pictures.. Omo... :D sorry if it's kinda blurry too... :(

Interested to try this product too? You can get yours here and I also highly recommend you to check their webstore to get a variety of makeup products with super affordable price and other best deals! Don't forget to use my coupon code "glorychen" to enjoy 10% discount every purchased on KKCENTERHK and it's valid until Jan 31st 2014. ;)

Twitter: @kkcenterhkcom
Instagram: @kkcenterhkcom

Rating: 3/5
Well, actually I really love this eyeliner if it could survive on smudge-proof test. But I don't blame this eyeliner because the texture itself doesn't seem to stay firmly if rubbed. I would recommend this eyeliner for daily makeup coz it's really easy & fast to use even for makeup beginners. Or maybe if you're the type of person who loved natural makeup, then this eyeliner will suit you best. I also would love to to use this eyeliner when I want to create a soft-smokey eyes. ;)

So have you guys ever tried this eyeliner or what do you think about this after reading my review? Please let me know all of your opinions by simply leave your comment below. 
Thank you~~
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  1. cantikkkkk sekali Gloryyyyyyy!!!!! xoxooxxoox!!! love your look, especially the eye makeup!!

    1. really? wah bru prtama x ada yg muji eotd nya.. haha.. makasih yaa... *kisspipi*

  2. Pencil liner indeed tend to be not smudgeproof, rite? Too bad because it's actually very easy-to-use :(
    You have a great post there!
    Love your blog :*


    1. well, I hope this eyeliner could be quite smudge-proof and yeah it's really easy to use.. thanks for stopping by... ;)

  3. wahhhh bagusss resultny apalagi suka ngliat make up mu yg ini km jd cantikkk bgt >.<

    1. aduh masa sih say... *blushing*.. prasaan masih belepotan dmna2.. but thanks anyway... *hug* :D

  4. Setuju sama Gita dan Shani. Kamu cantik banget sai ^_^ ♥♥♥
    Suka lihat makeupnya. Tutorial donk kapan2 :D

  5. sayyy,... kmu jadi cantik banget... hihihihi

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