Lens Review #5: LUCIFER Gray 13.8mm [KLENSPOP.com]

Hola Beauties!
Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been terribly busy with my graduation preparation lately, it required 100% of my attention and my apologies for the delay. :P So yeah, I officially graduated college on Nov 20th. The best moment ever and I would tell you the whole story on the next post, maybe. LOL. But for now, let's just enjoy reading my new circle lenses review that kindly sponsored by KLENSPOP. :D

If you've never heard about KLENSPOP before, let me tell you a little bit about KLENSPOP first. KLENSPOP is a South Korean based online store that sells a wide variety Korean circle lenses with super affordable price. If you look at the price, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how many cheap circle lenses you'll find from their webstore with many colors and diameters. But please do not worry because they only sell 100% authentic & guaranteed circle lenses which are made by trusted circle lenses manufacturers in South Korea. Actually this is my first pair of circle lenses that I feel really comfortable wearing it even after 5 hours. :D

I was very happy when I received my package from KLENSPOP because I really excited to try the "Lucifer" circle lens. I received my package nicely in a cardboard box and it makes me happy because of their professional service. So I directly unboxing the package and I got the circle lenses I want, together with a pink-blue lens case and tweezer. One thing that makes difference between the circle lenses from KLENSPOP and other circle lenses online store is the packaging. The lenses comes in a good quality purple box that I really love it!

Can you see how cute the design of the vials? ;)

Lucifer lenses in their vials..

So, I expected I would get a prettier lens case instead of this because this one looks cheap. :S But yeah it's still okay because the lenses design is really something and made me wanna  stare at the lenses forever. LOL.
Close up - Indoor Lighting

Close up - With Flash

Both Eyes


When I chose the grey color, I didn't expect the color will look more black. In fact, Im really happy coz I never had a pair of black circle lens before. lol. If you look carefully, actually the design is quite 'crazy' with a flame-like pattern surrounding the irish and super black outer ring. I give it 5 stars because I really love how the combination of its unique design and the obvious black outer ring perfectly creates an amazing effect on my eyes. And of course this circle lenses will not suit for people who prefer neutral design and color but otherwise you will love it if you're looking for unique circle lenses design.


Obviously, you  can't hope too much on this circle lenses since the so-so diameter and 'lucifer-design' will not help your eyes transformed into dolly look. I had a feeling that my eyes look like an alien when wearing these circle lenses but I just can't stop adore its gorgeous design.


I think Im going to miss this circle lenses so much after 6 months (recommended usage) later because this is the most comfortable circle lenses I've ever had. Seriously! Yeah, I never got a dry feeling or any discomfort while wearing the lenses. I just need 1 eye drop after put the lenses and it lasts for 6-7 hours. It doesn't irritate my eyes or even  hurt my eyes too, I just feel like not wearing circle lenses at all.

Here are some selcas while wearing Lucifer Gray... ^^
I also took some pictures of me when using Lucifer Gray lenses on daylight.. :)

Yeah, I don't mind to give them 5 stars because the design is really awesome for me and I just feel enjoy while wearing the lenses until 6-7 hours without a feeling of discomfort. The lenses only provide 13.8mm diameter but fortunately the design and the pop color will give your eyes a little 'magic' or makes your eyes quite bigger. So, Im very glad I could try this lenses and to be honest I've to admit if this one is more comfortable than my Geo Princess Mimi.
You can get the same lenses here & don't forget to browse their webstore to see more unique & cheap circle lenses with super affordable price. ;)


  1. Wow the lens are pretty. Looks good on you dear. :)

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  2. wahh motif soflennya bagus deeh, cecenya juga cantik <3 foto terakhir mirip park shin hye deeh hehee:3

    1. iyaa say.. aq juga sukaa bnget ma desainnya, motif brani.. hehe... aduh ga mgkin say, park shin hye lbih cantik jauuuh... hehe... thanks yah dah mampir ;)

  3. looks good on you Glo ^^

  4. wiih desainnya cakep banget ya ce ^^
    thanks for sharing ♥

  5. This lenses are very natural on your eyes. (^-^)/