SOLONE 10 Colors Shining Eyeshadow Palette Review [Sponsored by KKCENTERHK]

Hello Girls~~
Talking about eyeshadow palette, I have my favourite one lately. This always in my makeup pouch and I always bring it everywhere I go. This is Solone 10 Colors Shining Eyeshadow Palette that kindly sent by Actually I got this a few months ago n just taking the time to write the review now. Im truly sorry for the sooo long delay. I dont mean to blame my pregnancy but yeah I know, I just sooo lazy to do anything else. Everyday just laying on my bed while playing games, reading comics and eating some snacks. Sounds like a pig right? lol. 

Honestly, I only owned maybe 5-6 eyeshadow palette so far and some of the palettes contains only 3 colors. I stop buying eyeshadow palette since I already have my 88 colors eyeshadow palette n rarely use it too actually, but it doesnt mean the end coz there's still a possibility if I would interested to own some new palettes. :) But for now, just let me introduce you my current favourite eyeshadow palette. Make sure you read these until the last word.

Who doesn't love this eyeshadow packaging? First time I saw this eyeshadow box, I just naturally fell in love with it. It just soo 'eye-catching' and the design looks so theatrical. This is really cute n Im so happy to own this palette among the other of my palettes.

Just unfortunately, you will not get much description about the palette coz it was basically written in Chinese.

And here's the real packaging inside the box. It's all in black with some flowery design. The packaging is not too big n very lightweight so I dont have a problem to keep it on my makeup pouch. :)

It has a wide mirror inside with an eyeshadow brush included and there are 10 eyeshadow colors that looks so pretty n neat.

Close-up view.. (◕‿◕✿)

This absolutely pefect for travelling and for... summer! Yeah, I think the colors will make your summer vacation more brighter and colourful. You'll also be amazed with the pigmentation, though it has overall shimmer textured but the eyeshadow not really powdery and I think you only need 1x swatch to 'pull out' the colors with using the eye primer before. But, in the swatches below, I didnt use eye primer at all and I only swatched 2 times. This is really helpful especially when I dont have much time to makeup, this will help me to create a fabolous eye makeup lot easier and quickly.

With this palette, you can create a lot of eye makeup and I usually love to create a sweet-feminime look or natural eye makeup look with these colors. You can also create a smokey-eye or even glamorous look with the palette. Shortly, this is my first versatile eyeshadow palette for every occasion.

I also created an EOTD using this palette. I was using the shimmery white color (1), pink rose (3), dark purple (4) and dark blue (5). :) Sorry no lashes, I always forget to buy the new glue. So bad... :P

And of course... Me ! ^^
Looks a bit tired lately coz lack of sleep.... >.<

- Cute box and elegant packaging
- Lovely eyeshadow colors, suitable for any occasion
- All colors are shimmery and very pigmented!
- Has a big mirror and eyeshadow brush inside
- Versatile eyeshadow palette
- Travel-friendly

 - Discontinued. I really like this actually -__-
- A little bit powdery

Unfortunately this palette has been sold out on, but dont worry coz you can still find their another good quality eyeshadow palette collections on kkcenterhk's website or just in case you might be interested in Solone's makeup collection, you can click here.

Rating: 5/5
This is my go-to eyeshadow palette and I love all the colors, i like the shimmery texture and they are also very pigmented! I can play with the colors and create some eye makeup for natural look, sweet look, smokey eye, etc. This palette is also very lightweight and always in makeup pouch. Overall I love this palette n just hope it will be available again on kkcenterhk's webstore. ;)


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  1. Entah kenapa aku selalu gak tahan kalo lihat eyeshadow warna warni T_T
    Pengen beli rasanya, padahal udah punya coastal scents, sleek, grrrr, maruk banget deh. Habisnya juga lama eyeshadownya tapi kepengen punya juga wkwkwk

    Cantik Glory ^0^
    FOTDnya yang ditunggu-tunggu :D

  2. wah pigmented banget yaa xD

    followed your blog, mind to followback ? ^^

  3. warnanya pigmented banget, paling suka yang barisan atas. <3
    nice review ^^

  4. wah klo aq suka yg wrna2 natural aja ato smokey eye gitu, g pede wrna-warni... >.< hehe aq jg pngen sih bli eyeshdow lg cm yg lama masih ada mau diapain... haha tengkyuu ce...

  5. iyaa teksturnya shimmer plus pigmented bnget makanya favoritku bnget...

  6. I love how handy this is for travelling! The shades are so pretty!

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  7. Ah! the pigmentation of these eyeshadows are so pretty! :\ too bad they are discounted though. :( Your blog is so cute! I'm a new follower~

    Love, Aimee

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  8. yeah, i really love this palette n the texture is really my favourite. hope they'll restock this again. thx for visit dear... ;)

  9. yeah this is perfect for travelling or any occasions, the colors also very pretty n so pigmented... ;)

  10. saya suka warna dibaris ke dua sis, padet banget ya shingga warnanya bener-bener hidup banget