Thank you for reaching my blog. ^^
Im Glory Chen, 25 y.o, Indonesian Chinese
I have started this blog since January 2013 without any specific topic before I joined Indonesian Beauty Blogger community and then decided to blog about beauty in the end until right now.
My background is IT Major and I  have graduated from IT collage on november 20th 2013. Then 2 months later I got married to my senior on January 19th 2014 and we have a little son (1 y.o) now.
So I can say that blogging is my part-time job beside as mother n wife.  I really do love blogging because I can share my favourite thing especially in makeup n beauty things.
I especially adore Korean (ulzzang) and Japanese (gyaru) makeup, but you'll find mostly reviews I wrote is about Korean makeup and skincare products because it's easier to get Korean products and the price is quite reasonable.

I also realized my lack of makeup skills because Im not an expert MUA and I generally prefer natural makeup for daily life. But I really enjoy every time I used or created some makeup looks, that's why I always look for some inspirations from my favourite beauty gurus, beauty bloggers and learn makeup from books, blog walking, etc.

In order to give you a pleasant moment here, i never stopped improve my blog by increasing my photography skill and aslo writing skill as well. So I hope you enjoy reading my blog and found it useful. ^^

 Skin Type: Oily and Acne Prone
Skin Tone: Light skin with yellow undertones
Eyes: Normal - Dark Brown
Lips: Dry  
Hair: Dry - Black

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