July 24, 2014

SOLONE 10 Colors Shining Eyeshadow Palette Review [Sponsored by KKCENTERHK]

Hello Girls~~
Talking about eyeshadow palette, I have my favourite one lately. This always in my makeup pouch and I always bring it everywhere I go. This is Solone 10 Colors Shining Eyeshadow Palette that kindly sent by KkCenterHk.com. Actually I got this a few months ago n just taking the time to write the review now. Im truly sorry for the sooo long delay. I dont mean to blame my pregnancy but yeah I know, I just sooo lazy to do anything else. Everyday just laying on my bed while playing games, reading comics and eating some snacks. Sounds like a pig right? lol. 

Honestly, I only owned maybe 5-6 eyeshadow palette so far and some of the palettes contains only 3 colors. I stop buying eyeshadow palette since I already have my 88 colors eyeshadow palette n rarely use it too actually, but it doesnt mean the end coz there's still a possibility if I would interested to own some new palettes. :) But for now, just let me introduce you my current favourite eyeshadow palette. Make sure you read these until the last word.

Who doesn't love this eyeshadow packaging? First time I saw this eyeshadow box, I just naturally fell in love with it. It just soo 'eye-catching' and the design looks so theatrical. This is really cute n Im so happy to own this palette among the other of my palettes.

Just unfortunately, you will not get much description about the palette coz it was basically written in Chinese.

And here's the real packaging inside the box. It's all in black with some flowery design. The packaging is not too big n very lightweight so I dont have a problem to keep it on my makeup pouch. :)

It has a wide mirror inside with an eyeshadow brush included and there are 10 eyeshadow colors that looks so pretty n neat.

Close-up view.. (◕‿◕✿)

This absolutely pefect for travelling and for... summer! Yeah, I think the colors will make your summer vacation more brighter and colourful. You'll also be amazed with the pigmentation, though it has overall shimmer textured but the eyeshadow not really powdery and I think you only need 1x swatch to 'pull out' the colors with using the eye primer before. But, in the swatches below, I didnt use eye primer at all and I only swatched 2 times. This is really helpful especially when I dont have much time to makeup, this will help me to create a fabolous eye makeup lot easier and quickly.

With this palette, you can create a lot of eye makeup and I usually love to create a sweet-feminime look or natural eye makeup look with these colors. You can also create a smokey-eye or even glamorous look with the palette. Shortly, this is my first versatile eyeshadow palette for every occasion.

I also created an EOTD using this palette. I was using the shimmery white color (1), pink rose (3), dark purple (4) and dark blue (5). :) Sorry no lashes, I always forget to buy the new glue. So bad... :P

And of course... Me ! ^^
Looks a bit tired lately coz lack of sleep.... >.<

- Cute box and elegant packaging
- Lovely eyeshadow colors, suitable for any occasion
- All colors are shimmery and very pigmented!
- Has a big mirror and eyeshadow brush inside
- Versatile eyeshadow palette
- Travel-friendly

 - Discontinued. I really like this actually -__-
- A little bit powdery

Unfortunately this palette has been sold out on KKCENTERHK.com, but dont worry coz you can still find their another good quality eyeshadow palette collections on kkcenterhk's website or just in case you might be interested in Solone's makeup collection, you can click here.

Rating: 5/5
This is my go-to eyeshadow palette and I love all the colors, i like the shimmery texture and they are also very pigmented! I can play with the colors and create some eye makeup for natural look, sweet look, smokey eye, etc. This palette is also very lightweight and always in makeup pouch. Overall I love this palette n just hope it will be available again on kkcenterhk's webstore. ;)


xx <3

July 23, 2014

Make Your Special Day Unforgettable with Victoria's Dress

Hello Pretty Girls!
It is very exciting to find your perfect dress for your special occasion especially if we're talking about your big day, but undeniable it's also the most challenging part that sometimes can be slightly complicated. Most girls should have their own dream dress for their special day and nowadays you can easily find a variety of gowns with accessible price in many apparel online stores. But it's unwise to carelessly choose your partner to fulfill your wish of having a beautiful and sophisticated dress on your special moment. Find a qualified partner that has experienced over the years in accomplishing every girl dreams of her special day is a must! 

Victoria's Dress understand the importance of your special day and believe that every girls deserves the best quality, best fitting dresses at affordable price. Hence, they guarantee each dresses is created with a strong attention to detail, chosen from a huge selection of high quality fabrics, so it would fit your body shape beautifully.

Speaking of dresses, they mainly provide a wide range of wedding dresses, prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses designs. Shortly, you'll consider their dress collections and services if you're planning to get married in the near future. Who doesn't want to look perfect n beautiful or be a princess for one day in front of their forever prince? I mean every girls will make sacrifices for wearing a royal n gorgeous wedding dress on their once in a lifetime's holy matrimony. 
 Victoria's Dress Collection: Ball Gown Strapless Sleeveless Tulle White Wedding Dress With Appliques

 Victoria's Dress Collection: A-line Halter Sleeveless Tulle White Wedding Dress With Appliques

Victoria's Dress Collection: Mermaid Sweetheart Sleeveless Satin White Wedding Dress With Ruffles

Dealing with bridesmaid dress design is sometimes can become a little bit annoying and stressful. You might want to just ignore it and end up in bridesmaids dresses rentals or let your bridesmaid choose her own dress. But if you wish a perfect wedding ever, it's adviseable to synchronize your vision of your dream wedding with every details on your wedding plan especially your bridesmaid dress. You'll find a lot easier to get any bridal dresses selection on Victoria's Dress and dont need to worry about bridesmaid dresses. Simply, just let Victoria's Dress to be your fairy godmother on your wedding tale. :)

 Victoria's Dress Collection: A-line High Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Prom Dresses With Appliques

 Victoria's Dress Collection: A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Elastic Woven Satin Cocktail Dresses With Lace

Talk a lot about wedding dress, Victoria's dress does not only specialized in Wedding Dress, but you'll notice on their collections also include so many gorgeous dresses for some special events like cocktail party dresses, evening dresses and even formal dresses.  

 Victoria's Dress Collection: Sheath/Column Bateau Sleeveless Tulle Evening Gowns With Appliques

 Victoria's Dress Collection: Sheath/Column One Shoulder Chiffon Black Long Prom Dresses/Evening Dress With Rhinestone

Victoria's Dress Collection: A-line Sweetheart Organza Pink Cocktail Dresses/Short Prom Dress With Rhinestone

They also offer up to 65% off on prom dresses and free shipping on order over £200. I strongly recommend you to visit their online store and make sure you get your own dream dress at lowest price as possible and the best quality. :)

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and hope you enjoy this post. :)

July 22, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Glory Chen's Birthday Giveaway

Hello hello girlsss!
Udah lama ga ngadain giveaway nih dan ini pertama kalinya aku ngadain giveaway dalam rangka ngerayain ultahku yg tinggal 4 hari lagi. ^^ Ultah yg ke berapa? Kalo ada yg nanya ntar aku kasih tau. Lolol... So, giveaway kali ini masih untuk Indonesian Readers aja yah. Tapi mungkin giveaway berikutnya bakal terbuka untuk worldwide readers, masih dalam agenda dulu. So, keep update terus aja yah. hehe...^^

Trus, apa aja sih hadiah nya buat giveaway kali ini? Akan ada 2 Winners yah dalam Giveaway ini, dan ini dia hadiahnya...

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1 pcs Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream 50ml
1 pcs cute accessories (random)
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1 pasang Diva Lolipop Circle Lens
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5 pcs Etude House Alphabet Mask Sheet (Customized)
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July 19, 2014

Ready to Challenge Your Style? #OwnNow [ZALORA]

[*advertorial post*]

Hey Lovelies!
Kalo bicara soal fashion, menurut aku selalu terkait dengan kepribadian seseorang. Why? Yep, buat aku fashion tidak hanya tentang apa yg dipakai tapi juga menonjolkan kepribadian seseorang lho. Singkatnya, fashion is talking about "your character". Apakah kamu sudah mengenal seperti apa dirimu atau apakah kamu sudah mengekspresikan dirimu melalui busana yang kamu pakai? Kalau kamu masih sering bingung dengan ciri khas fashion style kamu, berarti kamu masih belum cukup mengenal dirimu. Coba eksplore wardrobe kamu, lalu coba bayangkan seperti apakah dirimu atau seperti apakah orang lain sering menilai dirimu, lalu tuangkan kepribadianmu dengan cara try to mix n match dari koleksi pakaianmu yg ada dan temukan your signature outfit.


Kamu juga bisa meminjam pakaian dari sodara cewe ato bahkan pakaian mama untuk menciptakan berbagai 'new style'. Intinya, ga perlu takut bereksplorasi karena tidak ada rumus khusus dalam menciptakan fashion dan tidak ada kata "old" dalam fashion. Fashion juga berbicara tentang "Be Your Self". Jangan pernah minder untuk menjadi dirimu sendiri dan tuangkan seluruh imaginasimu sampai kamu menemukan ciri khas atau 'karakter' dari fashion style kamu.

July 18, 2014

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick #117 & #801 Review

Hello everyone!
Beberapa hari yg lalu aku pengen kasih oleh2 buat cece ku, sempet bingung mau kasih apa terus kepikiran buat ngasih lipstick aja. Cece ku ga terlalu suka dandan tapi kalo pake lipstick masih suka lah dia. Hehe.. Jadi aku beli 5 lipstick Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ini, 2 biji nya buat aku sendiri. LOL. Yg lainnya ga sempet swatch krena langsung dikirim besoknya, lagian hadiah masa dicolek dulu. Hihi... So, aku review dua shade aja ya yaitu Almost Nude (117) dan Pink Cloud (801). Hehe... :)


  • Exclusive LiquiSilk formula with mega-moisturizers seals in color and softness
  • Silky-smooth, creamy texture
  • Stay true color wears evenly

  • Sebenernya varian lipstick Revlon ini tersedia dalam banyak pilihan warna, ada sekitar 80 an dan terbagi atas 4 kategori yaitu Matte, Pearl, Creme dan Shine finish. Kalo yg Creme, warnanya cenderung pigmented banget, jadi sekali swatch langsung keluar warnanya. Kalo yg Shine cenderung sheer alias warnanya nyaris transparan dan ada shimmer nya gitu.

    July 15, 2014

    Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #8 After Blossom Review

    Hello girlss!! 
    Sebenernya banyak banget produk yg pengen aku review dan kalo ada waktu aku usahain bikin review nya. ^^ Akhir2 ini kayaknya aku lagi demen banget beli lip product, entah napa lg bored bnget dengan lipgloss dan pengen sesuatu yg matte dan warnanya lebih variatif. Dan udah lama banget aku pengen nyobain Etude Rosy Tint Lips ini dan akhirnya aku mutusin tuk nyobain yg no #8 After Blossom coz kayaknya bnyak blogger yg suka wrna ini dan menurut aku wrnanya lumayan cakep. Hehe...
    Product name: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #08 After Blossom
    Weight: 7gr
    Applicator type: Sponge tip
    Velvet texture
    8 Shades Available
    Price: IDR 99000 

    Satu kata untuk desain kemasannya, "adorable". Kemasan luar lip tint ini emang terkesan sweet & feminim banget, warnanya nya yang pink dan 'bertaburan' bunga2 mawar bikin cewek manapun yg liat pasti jatuh hati. hehe... Rasanya sayang bnget dibuang kotaknya cuman bingung jg kalo disimpen buat apa. >.<