Thanks God It's Saturday!

Yeah, finally it's saturday...! Saturday is very fun for me because it is my last daywork each week. Im a student of an Informatics Collage in Surabaya, but it's still holiday so I back to my hometown to help my family business until next february. Actually, I was born in Surabaya, East Java, but when I was a little until my graduation from senior high school, I lived in Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. It's very complicated to say, but my grandparents have been already living in Ende since 40 years ago and my father grown up in Ende too. My grandparents have been running a hospitality business since 40 years ago. The hotel named Dwi Putra Hotel that's located in Jl. Yos Soedarso No.27-29, Ende, Flores, East Tenggara, Indonesia. If you are interested to visit Ende, please stop by our hotel. For room reservations or more information, please contact the +62381-21685.

Maybe I wasn't born in Ende as well as my families.  But, if I could tell you, Ende is really a nice small town than the other towns in Indonesia. When you hear the word "Indonesia", perhaps you will remember Bali Island or Jakarta City coz they're really famous. But, have you ever heard of Kelimutu Lakes? Kelimutu Lakes is really such a beautiful place with its three colored lakes. Kelimutu Lakes is very close to the small town of Moni about 50 km to the east of Ende (Quoted from Wikipedia). If you're interested to know more about Kelimutu Lakes or the other wonderful destination places in Ende, Flores, you can simply check the website here.

it's me... =^_^=

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