SKIN79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream Review

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This time Miss Lie from misslie-collection offered me to try one of some Skin79 BB Cream products. Of course Im so excited to try coz I never tried Skin79 BB cream before, and Snail Nutrition BB Cream is my choice since it contains a unique ingredient, "Snail Mucus"! What do you think when you hear "Snail"? For me, it sounds disgusting even to think about that creepy creature. But who could ever imagine this slimy creature has a lot of benefits for your skin? Skin79 claims this product to be KFDA 3 functions certification: whitening, UV interception SPF45++ PA, and wrinkle improvement. I guess you guys start to curious with this bb cream, so let's take a look if so. ^^

Enriched snail secretion filtrate with self protecting properties maintains the skin natural and healthy. Protecting the skin from both UV A and B, the tri-functional snail BB cream brightens the dark and dull skin tone, and maintains the skin clean and supple with its whitening and wrinkle-improving effects. 
Containing 45% of the Korean Snail Secretion Filtrate, it bestows sleek and lustrous texture to the skin by preventing skin damages, and keeps the skin moist and healthy by forming moist protection layer. 
With soft and moisture texture it is easily absorbed into and blends well with the skin, maintaining the skin transparent and bright for a long period of time. 

This is actually my first Skin79 BB cream and Im really happy to try this variant. This bb cream has a glossy-gold box made in good quality paper and all informations you need also written there in english that I found really useful for a Korean outsider like me.

This won't stop amaze me and I also found that the packaging has a luxurious-look as well with the combination of pearl and gold color makes this bb cream look like a high-end product even though you will not believe it suits your budget. :)

At the top of the packaging, there's 'almost' a round-shape in the middle and it works as 'button'. Never press the button so hard if you dont want to waste a lot.

Let's talk about the scent first. Most bloggers complains about this bb cream has a bad scent. I just think otherwise, the scent maybe quite strong but it smells like a flower-scent and does not make my nose itch, for me it's never mind. 
Mostly bb cream has a creamy texture and thicker consistency than cc cream so it can provide more coverage, this is no exception. This pink undertone bb cream spread easily and blends well on my skin, I also dont get heavy feelings at all. This still match my skin tone and has medium to high coverage.

Well, before you look at the result, you can really see well my dull skin with a lot of imperfections. Lol. On the final result, my face look brighter, healthier and all imperfections 'almost' covered except the acne scars. :P 

Here's the clearer look of my bare face and after using the bb cream (sorry for the different lighting >.<). It actually gives a dewy-finish (not too obvious at the photos) and add some natural glow on my skin. Recently Im really into glowing skin look because I just kinda bored with the matte result even though it maybe turns out bad on my oily skin. T^T

This bb cream would be a perfect option if you want to achieve a natural dewy look or no-makeup look with less effort and just slightly highlight the area you want to maximize the radiant look. I love the fact this bb cream has addition benefits to help skin regeneration, treating acne, smoother skin, provide good SPF, etc. 

But I also experienced a 'little disaster' while used the product, I'll always remind myself not to use this in hot weather or this will transform my 'terrible' oily skin into 'milky face'. But, it will lasts for hours and keep your skin look moisture and glow in fair weather or  inside the air-conditioner room. This maybe more suitable for normal & dry skin but don't be afraid to try this if you have an oily skin and still want to achieve natural-dewy skin like Korean celebs has. I just hope this would have a wide range of shade that naturally blends on yellow undertone skin. But this shade is still fair on my skin n I still love result.  :)
My face using only the bb cream, still look pale. >_<

- Medium to high coverage
- SPF 45 PA++
- Natural dewy-finish look
- Long lasting
- Fastest way to get 'no-makeup' look
- It brightens up my skin
- Smooth n moisture my skin 
- Nice flower scent
- Spread easily and blends well on my face
- Elegant-look packaging 
- Reasonable price
- Snail secretion filtration offered extra benefits for oily-acne prone skin 

 - Only 1 shade

Simply click here to order this bb cream and make sure to check Miss Lie Collection's website to find another authentic Korean brand makeup products with affordable price. :)


 Rating: 4.8 /5
I think I found my another favourite BB cream besides my previous Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (review here) but this one would be my choice if I look into more naturally dewy look. Just make sure to bring blotting papers in your purse to sweep away the excess sebum if you have an oily skin like me, but you only need that after 4-5 hours. Overall I really love this and it becomes my bb cream-to-go everyday and I guess you would love to try this bb cream too at the least.

Btw, has anyone tried this product or what's your most favourite type of Skin79 bb creams? Are you interested to try this 'snail' bb cream or do you have any experience while using this? Please let me know your thought by leaving your comment below. ^^



  1. Aw aw Produk snail jadi booming ya sekarang :D
    Pengen coba jadinya semua produk yang berbau snail hahaha. Coveragenya oke juga ya, Mantep ^_^
    BB Cream lama-lama tar numpuk nih gara-gara pengen coba semua hahaha.

    Nice review Glory

  2. Aku pernah cobain testernya ;) nice review

  3. This looks like a nice BB cream. If I remeber correctly I tried some samples and I liked the finish.Thanks for the review :)

  4. hehe produk snail jg oke buat kulit berjerawat slain tea tree... emang lama2 bkin ktagihan jg nyobain produk snail.... hehe...

  5. yeah this is perfect to get dewy look n also has some benefits for acne prone skin too... ;)

  6. Oooh, sayang banget cuma tersedia 1 shade.. Padahal kulitku ga putih-putih amat. jadinya takut keputihan kalo ga ada pilihan shade.hiks..
    Padahal aku sekali dengan makeup dewy look.. Makasi reviewnya golry^^

  7. Love your results! ^__^ This product looks very nice!

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  8. coveragenya lumayan oke ya ce, tp sayang cuma ada 1 shade doang ya >_<

  9. iya sbenernya agak bertolak belakang sih dngan skin tone q tp untungnya ga tlalu kliatan.... hehe...

  10. iyaa bru wrnanya agak punk gitu.... -__-

  11. wow! it covers the blemishes so well!! Gosh why it's only one shade eeee!
    Thanks for the share dear ♥

  12. Wonderful look dear. I have yellow undertone. I color choice is not alluring for me. Nice review


  13. Boleh tau ga kamu pake softlens apa waktu di foto bare face, bagus deh, atau jgn2 itu warna mata aslimu ya? *salahfokus

  14. hehe... bukan say... aq pke softlen ini :

  15. Looks nice :D Definitely gonna try it out. Curious is it going to be on top of my best korean bb cream list later :)