My Blog's New Look & A little Update of My Life

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Hey Dolls!
Finally.....! I have my 'official' blog template and I think I'll use this template for a long period of time. If you regularly visit my blog, Im sure you still remember how plain my old template and I didnt have much time to beautify my blog and also my design skill is really poor. -__- That's why I gave up and tried to find someone that could help me. Thanks God I found TheChocoCompany, that specialize in blog layout design.

The owner, Mbak Shinta, is really talented and she has helped some bloggers especially female bloggers by created awesome blog templates for them. To be honest, I love her designs, it's simple, clean and pretty. If you see her portfolio, you may understand her design style, but trust me she will also be able to create a blog template based on your 'taste'. The price? Just visit her web and you'll get all information you need, or contact her by email. ^^

So, what do you think about my new blog template? :D For me, Im really satisfied with the result and now Im willing to update my blog regularly. ^^ I realized that I always get bored easily but Im trying to be more consistent because I love my blog and I love my lovely readers too, so that I'll try my best to always improve my blog especially the blog content and image quality.

And just a little update about my life, this week I finally reached 23 weeks pregnant. Can't believe it only 3 months left before the childbirth. Still have no any preparation yet to welcome our new family member, and stil didn't get any idea about the baby's gender, hope it will be clear next week. ^^

That's all my rambling post this time, thank you for reading my blog. xoxo.


  1. Sukaaaaa templatenya glory. Cantik, cute, manis ^0^
    Wahhh nungguin dede lahir nih tar lagi ya, ikut seneng deh denger dan nungguinnya ^_^
    Sehat terus ya Glory buat kamu dan dedenya ^0^
    GBu always

  2. tengkyuu ce... aq jg suka liat template yg bru ini, jd lbih smngat nge blog... hehe... makasih doa nya ce.... ud g sbar nungguin baby ny lahir tp deg2an jg... tkut... soalx bru prtama... >__<

  3. Your blog's new design is so cute! Love it! <3

    ✿ NEW SWEET POST ✿ ❤


  4. Aww i'm very glad you like it dear ^^. Thank you so much for a nice compliment :D