My Christmas Eve's Ceremony Look

I hope it's not too late, but I just wanna say...
In today's post I want to share my look (fotd+outfit) on Christmas Eve (Dec 24th). :P But let me tell you a little story about a few things I did to celebrate christmas. :)
Yanno I was so busy on 24th because I had to help my aunt to make 200 cup of puddings before 06.00 PM while my aunt made 200 "lemper" ( looks like an oval rice and filled with beef mince ). Hehe.. Fortunately, I had done 200 cups of pudding before 05.00 PM with help from my little cousin.
After everything has been done, I prepared myself before go to church. But, I also did a 'little' eye makeup on my aunt because she never wear eye makeup. I felt nervous too because that is my first time did eye makeup on other people. Haha...

My Aunt (Left) & Her Husband. Actually I usually call her "cece". Lol.

After all preparations completed, my families and I went to church around 6.30 PM. On that day, my aunt and her husband served as worship leaders and my aunt-by-marriage (rightmost) as one of the singers on Cristmas Eve Ceremony at Church.

Church's Choir :)

On Christmas Eve Ceremony, there's always Candle Light service at my church and accompanied by "Silent Night" song.
 My Uncle during the Candle Light Service. :P

After candle light service, then the light turned on again and also the Christmas lights. I really love the Christmas tree at my church. :)

 After Christmas Eve ceremony, my families took some photos and also with the preacher of the day. My families always take some photos everywhere and everytime or simply said "narsis". Haha... They really bothered me on that day because my families asked me to take their pictures using handphone camera, etc. lol.
Me with my lil cousin (left) & the naughty lil boy a.k.a my youngest bro. Pls ignore my dark circles. :P

With my Lil Cousin, "Roger" :D

Roger (cousin) & Richard (lil bro). I wish I have a little sister. :P

 Im between two "Divas" a.k.a my Aunty-by-marriage and my Aunty a.k.a Cece Dyna. Lol

And it's a MUST to take some SELCAS after Christmas Eve Ceremony. Hahaha....

I borrowed this Santa Claus Hat from my Grandma before took some photos at home. LOL. In case you want to know, the dress I wore in this post was made by my BF's mum. The color, pattern, and design all completely Gorgeous! Super love it! :D

When I was helping my aunt in the afternoon, I also curled my hair but without curler iron at all! Wanna know how I did it? So you should check Bubz's Youtube and see how she could do her natural curl hair without curler iron at all. And the result is really awesome! :)
So, how do u celebrate Christmas? Please share your stories below. ^^ And what do you think about my look? Haha...
xoxo. <3


  1. Cantiknyaaa ♥♥♥
    Merry Christmas ya dear ^0^

  2. merry christmas ci, God bless :)))
    aku suka bajunya

  3. Waaa asik bgt dressnya dibikin ma camer ^^
    Merry Christmas yaa Glo :D

    1. hihi.. iya nih... :P merry xmas juga shelvi... :-*