REVIEW: Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen - Black

Eyeliner is definitely one of must-have makeup products in my makeup pouch, and especially I prefer liquid eyeliner coz the tip is usually pointy-shaped and it's much easier to use. ^^ Actually I bought this eyeliner because as you can see, the packaging is totally different than other eyeliners and you should be curious about this eyeliner, it's the same with me too. lol.
Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen is the new generation in eye liners,with its curved,ergonomic design which offers firm yet comfortable grip for better control & much precise results.Its Waterproof formula lasts all day and won't run,transfer or smudge.Curvee is also refilable and free of parabens,volatile and formaldehyde-releasing compounds.

In case you didn't know, Elianto is derived from the Italian word, means "Sunflower". Really a beautiful name right? :) Elianto is actually owned by a Malaysian Company (Bonita Group of Companies) that focuses on makeup, skincare, fragrance, body care, nail care, and hair care products with their passion to delight their customers with the magic of beauty. It's really pleasant to know that their products enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts so you can make sure that you'll only get the finest quality natural ingredients in their products and of course, with the affordable price. <3

Im so happy I got this eyeliner with a box and it provided with some useful informations about the eyeliner. This eyeliner box looks so elegant with the pretty flowers clip-art that symbolize the art of beauty. ;) 

As seen on photos, the Elianto curvee eyeliner comes in curve shape that looks uncommon compared to other liquid eyeliners that mostly pencil-like. Some people may not like to use the liquid eyeliner because it easily creating a mess while using it. But the curve-shape packaging design is actually the main secret to reduce the difficulty while using liquid eyeliner. The curve-shape design actually helps you to handle it comfortably so you can easily control it to create the perfect eyeliner shape.
Very elegant design. ^^ Can you resist it? >.<

The long and sharp brush tip will definitely make you to create a perfect line as your desire even for a beginner. Maybe the brush looks stiff but trust me it actually really soft and has good quality brush so it wouldn't hurt your eyes. The eyeliner also has a comfortable grip so it can be controlled to glide on my eyes easily. :)

The interesting part that will hardly make people not to love this eyeliner is it refillable! I bought this eyeliner at a department store and they also provide the refill so you don't need to repurchase the whole package, just change the refillable eyeliner pen or tube inside. Very easy right? ;)

The most important think that I think everyone would like to know from an eyeliner product, wether is it waterproof and smudgeproof or not. So the first thing I did was draw on my hand using the eyeliner and putting my hand under running water around 3-4 minutes. I found out the color stays well like I applied it before, and sure it makes me happy. ;)

Most of eyeliners products lately is offering the great waterproof formula and even long lasting up to 24 hours. But it doesn't guarantee that the eyeliner in your hand right now is also smudge-proof when you hardly rub it or maybe just slightly rub on it. That was also happened to me when I want to know the consistency of this eyeliner. So, I drew my name using the eyeliner on my hand and I tried to rub it hardly about 2-3 times and you get the answer below. Yeah, the color almost fade away at 3rd rub. Quite sad coz I hope it can be survived a little bit. :P

So here's I tried to draw a winged eyeliner and I thought this is the almost perfect winged eyeliner I've ever did even tough it still quite ordinary.. lolol...

And Some SELCAS... :D

- Super easy & comfortable to use even for beginners
- It refillable
- Long and soft brush tip
- Has comfortable grip that will follow your movement easily
- Waterproof & Long lasting (more than 8 hours)
- Very elegant design
- Quick drying

- Not so smudge-proof

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Regardless of not smudge-proof fact, this eyeliner becomes my favourite lately and mostly everyday I use it becoz it's more easier to use than other liquid eyeliners. I also think this eyeliner is better than my Etude Oh My Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner before. Im not really sure I'll find another liquid eyeliner that has a comfortable grip like this. This eyeliner is a good one and I would love to recommend this, it has a thick black color, waterproof, long lasting and also refillable! ^^

So, will you give this eyeliner a try? Or have you tried this before? Please let me know what do you think about or I would love it if you also recommend your favourite eyeliner below.. :3

Hope you enjoy.. ^^


  1. ini mirip NYX curve itu yaa modelnya, bru tau elianton jg ngeluarin..
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  2. iya mirip nyx curve, btw yg elianto ini harganya brp ya?
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    1. hehe emg mirip bnget... klo ga slah kykx skitar 130ribuan say... ^^

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