My 1st Liebster Award!

Honestly, Im really a blogger newbie. But, I have to say a BIG thank you coz Zellyn was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award. Im feelin' like "oh my gosh...! " 
Btw, thank you once again, Zellyn...^^
(visit her beautiful's blog here & check out her post)

I actually don't know who made this Liebster award and what the purpose is. But, Im very happy to participate in it. So, according to the rules that I read on Zellyn's blog, I have to complete all these rules below:

    1. Thank the one who nominates you. ( I did it already ^^ )
    2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominates you.
    3. Choose 11 bloggers as a nominees with less than 200 followers.
    4. Make 11 question for them to answer.
    5. Write 11 random facts about you. 

  So, here's her 11 questions and include my answers: 
    1. Shorts or skirts?
             - Shorts <3

    2. What is your favorite makeup brand?
             - Revlon, coz it suits my oily skin.

    3. Which one do you prefer for foundation and why, Brush or sponge?
             - Sponge. Coz it's a great way to apply my liquid foundation.

    4. What is your favorite food?
             - I have a lot of favourite food like french fries, fried chicken, dumplings, snacks, etc.

    5. bb cream or foundation?
             - BB Cream.

    6. What do you think of makeup?
             - Makeup is not a mask to cover the face but talk about someone's personality.

    7. Natural or smokey eyes?
             - Natural.

    8. What is your current hair color?
             - Black.

    9. Do you like doing your nails?
             - Suree. I love to make my nails looks pretty.

   10. Fashion or makeup?
            - Both. ^^

   11. What do you want to change or do in 2013?
           - Make something different and make my dream come true. 
It's really hard to determine the 11 next Liebster Award Nominees, but I've chosen the nominees after long search. Hopefully they'll like this "sweet" surprise. Here they are:
And here are 11 questions for New Liebster Award Nominees: 
     1. What's your favourite song and tell me why?
     2. Which do you prefer: High Heels or Sneakers?
     3. The 3 closest people in your life.
     4. What's the greatest moment in your life?
     5. Fashion blogger or Beauty Blogger?
     6. What's your fashion style?
     7. Are you a Katy Perry fan?
     8. What do you think about "Natural Beauty"?
     9. What's the most unforgettable movie in your life? Please tell me why.
    10. Which do you prefer: K-Pop or J-Pop?
    11.  What do you think about my blog?
11 Random Facts about me:
    1. I love electric pink and red lipstick.
    2. I like to wear pumps and stilettos.
    3. I love a mexican telenovela named "Carita de Angel"
    4. I love "Harry Potter" movies sooo much.
    5. I love all cute stuffs.
    6. Im a glamour and girly girl.
    7. Shopping or travelling? Of course, Travelling. 
    8. I cant live without music.
    9. My favourite drinks are Milk Tea ( Teh Tong Tji ) and Strawberry 
        Fruit Pearl Milk Tea( Quickly ).
   10. The most influential people in my life is my grandma.
   11. I love "surprise". :)
Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.
Please follow my blog or leave your thought if you don't mind.
Thanks! xoxo. <3 


  1. huhu apa sih syarat biar dpet award ini ? :O
    pengeen hihi

    1. syaratnya cuma 5... keteranganx ad d atas...
      join yaa... ^^

    2. hihi belom pernah dinominasikan XD
      maybe next ya. haha, sukses cantik :)

    3. sure dear... ksih link ke blog km aja... ^^

    4. hihi :D
      blogku yang kamu komen :3

  2. Thank you for nominating me!

  3. congrats on the award :)
    aku juga lebih suka BB cream daripada foundation hehehe tapi kalau lagi ada acara sih tetep pakenya foundation

    1. hi vanessa.. thnk u so much... ^^
      iyaa, klo bb cream emang cocok buat shari2 krn natural.. hehe..

  4. Thank you for the nomination lovely! :)

  5. congrat :)

  6. Thank you for the nomination dear <3