First Outdoor Photo Session with My Friends

Previously, I've never had few outdoor photos because I could not find a photographer who is an expert in the field of outdoor photos. This was the first time my friends and I took some pictures together with an outdoor theme. We chose an outdoor theme because we wanted something different than before. At first, we were a little trouble finding a photographer that suits us. But after a long search through the Internet, I finally found a photographer who was able to realize our desires.

This young photographer named Leonard Ardhika Wiyadi and he is the founder of Leon Photography. If you are interested to know more or to see his portfolios, you can visit his facebook

My friends and I finally agreed to pick Leon Photography because according to our limited budget. I was hesitant at first because he was alone and he doesn't seem to bring full equipment other than a camera and a huge backpack. But it turns out he was a good photographer and friendly so that everything runs smoothly.
  Me, Grace Levina, Amelia, and Liliana ^_^