Who has Inspired You?

Okay, let's talk. My post today isn't about beauty or fashion or anything else. Since a few days ago, I've always wanted to write about some bloggers that inspire me. Before I decided to create a blog, I've known two beautiful bloggers who really inspire a lot of people with their inspiring blog and sense of fashion. They are Diana Rikasari from "Hot Chocolate and Mint" and Xiaxue. Diana Rikasari is an Indonesian fashion blogger, she has a quirky style but im pretty sure that you'll never get bored of her style. 

Diana's Blog

And she also has an online shop selling so many shoes, especially high platform wedges. If you're insterested to see her shoe collection, you can simply visit her shop here. When I already have enough money, I want to buy one of her shoe collection. Hahaa... I think her shoe designs are completely cool, pretty, and elegant. :)

"UP" Store

And the "Top Beauty Blogger" has awarded to Xiaxue's blog at xiaxue.blogspot.com. Im sure you all know her better than me. She's a Singaporean celebrity and beauty blogger which is identical to her "gyaru" look and pinky hair.  Her look is inspired by her gyaru role model, Tsubasa Masukawa. 

Xiaxue's blog header
But, Im really sad coz yesterday I got bad news that Xiaxue's blog deleted by Blogger and maybe categorized as spam (see her latest tweets here). :(  I still hope that her blog will be restored soon coz she's such an inspiring blogger too. Actually, this incident is extremely unfair and very bad issue for bloggers that already has a massive amount of followers.

Okay, let's get back to the topic. Lately I've found some amazing fashion blogs like "A Little Princess" written by Veren Lee, and "The Riotous Belle" written by Sonia Eryka. They both are Indonesian Bloggers who have passion for fashion  and I just simply love their blog.

So, what inspires you to blog? Or who are the bloggers that inspire you to start your own blog today? If you have any inspirational blogs that you follow, please feel free to share a link in the comments below. :

Thanks for reading my blog.  
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