Makeover Time!

This is my first time to make a review about a product, especially circle lens. Maybe Im not a good fashion blogger, but I try all my best to make this post. Honestly, Im a girly girl and I looove all the cute stuffs especially circle lenses. Most of the Asian girls wear circle lenses everyday coz they wanna make their eyes look bigger. For Asian girls, bigger eyes means the cuter they are. So, if you wanna look cutier or wanna your eyes look bigger, the top secret is wearing circle lenses. 
So, today I wore my circle lenses that I bought on It made my eyes look bigger and gave me dolly eye effect at the same time after wearing it. :)


Manufacterer: Diva
Country: Korea
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 50%
Duration: 1 year disposable 
Color type: Natural
Voila..! This is me after wearing Diva Soul Grey circle lenses. What do u think? :) Sorry if my photo look blurry.

 What I Wore:
Eyes: Diva Soul Grey Circle Lenses (bought here)
Earrings: Stylish Vintage Vogue Tassels Long Earrings Blue (bought here)

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  1. Cute girl..
    just why your picture blur eh?

    keep blogging, i will come here often :)

    have a nice day

    1. yeah, really sorry coz my room's really messy too...
      btw, thank you so much... ^^

  2. Hey! I nominated you on Liebster Award! Check out my post and answers the questions ;)

    1. thank you for nominating me... it's fun.. ^^

  3. Nice pictures!

    I follow you on GFC and bloglovin!
    Hope you'll follow me back!

    1. thanks! sure i followed u.. just check it out^^ you have a nice blog... :)