IBB January 2013 MUC: "The Other Side of Me"

Hi everyone.. I've to say that this is the first time I joined the Indonesian Beauty Bloggers Makeup Challenge or shortened to IBB MUC. This challenge can only be followed by all members of the IBB community at Facebook. So, yesterday I decided to take the challenge posed by IBB, the theme is "Must Have Red". Im actually embarrassed with my makeup skills coz I rarely practice using my makeup kits and also a little less impatient. lol :P I didn't expect to win because I realized my makeup skills are still lacking. But at least I've tried to meet the given criteria. And here Im with a touch of red...
 without using a flash
 with using a flash

I was so surprised when I saw my look after using my makeup kits. I shouted to myself, "Is it really me? Oh my goshh.. you must be kidding me..." My face look so different, no cute face, and there was just a girl with the face of evil queen in Snow White story. Haha... I also thought that I was given a pair of fangs, my mouth must have looked like vampire's mouth perfectly. Lol..
Okay, lets get back to the topic. :D In this challenge, I didn't wear too much makeup because I want to look natural but gorgeous. The following are some photos and descriptions of items that I used in this makeup challenge.
1. Revlon PhotoReady Makeup
2. Revlon PhotoReady Concealer
3. Revlon Two Way Powder Foundation (sorry, i forgot its series name.. >_<)
4. Unbranded Fake Eyelashes
1. Oriflame Beauty Butterfly Pallete
2. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
3. Revlon Crimson Colorburst Lipstick 095

So, if you're a Bauty Blogger and live in Indonesia, don't miss to join IBB's community on facebook and make sure you participate in this challenge. Yay~gogogo... ^^

Register Here
And finally, how do think about my look? Is it scary or what..? lol... Your thought is highly appreciated. If you like my look, please vote for me. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. See you on the next blogpost. xoxo. <3


  1. really well done dear :)

  2. nice one :)
    concealernya yg itu bagus ga? :S aku mau beli lupa mulu hehe

    1. bgus kok... ini concealer andalanq tiap x makeup...^^

  3. you look so cute!! <3

    thank you for visiting my blog dear :D it's nice to meet you too :3 I followed you back~

    1. thx too cutie! thx for following my blog too ^^

  4. This is lovely! Thankyou for the sweet comment on my blog and am now following :D x

  5. It is very useful. Thank you for following and I am following you back.